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Thread: Francessa: Jets are now the Clowns of the NFL

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    [QUOTE=pauliec;3541077]I know I've mentioned this before, but everyone who has a twitter account should be following @MikeFrancesaNY. The account is a fake but the guy is hilarious. Here are some gems from the past 24 hours:[/QUOTE]


    i'm dyin heeah

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    [QUOTE=sg3;3542097]the anti Jet bias at that station is a direct result of the Jets daring to move up the dial to 1050 for their broadcasts. You know there is a memo that reminds hosts to take a negative slant to the Jets and boost up the Giants whose games they are stuck with[/QUOTE]

    Just like how there probably was a memo going around during the earlier part of this decade when Mike and the Mad Puppy had their tongues lodged up idiot Scott Layden and Jim Dolan's asses while WFAN was in negotiations with the Knicks and Rangers to continue to have their games on the station.

    Guess Fatcessa and Russo didn't kiss kissy enough because they jumped ship to 1050.


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