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Thread: Kyle Wilson- 4.42/4.45

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    Kyle Wilson- 4.42/4.45

    good workout afterwards...

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    He'll be gone before #29 for sure

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    He'll be gone before 29, IMO.

    In this league, taking him wouldn't be the end of the world if he's up there though.

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    Now that we have Cromartie I'm fine and dandy with all these corners blowing workouts away. More of a chance for other players to fall to us. (I'm not saying we don't need another CB but other good players that we may like might just get pushed down the rung a bit more.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come Back to NY View Post
    good workout afterwards...
    Good times, obviously. I personally was expecting his 40 to be in the high 4.3s, but I'm not at all disappointed with a 4.42/4.45


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