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Thread: KennyO7's Mock #2

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    KennyO7's Mock #2

    No Further Free Agents

    Jets Trade Leon Washington to SF for their 3rd and 7th Rd Picks
    Jets trade our 1st Rd Pick for an early 2nd and 4th Rd Pick

    2nd Rd- Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame
    2nd Rd- Koa Misi, OLB Utah
    3rd Rd- Reshad Jones, S Georgia
    4th Rd- Ben Tate, RB Auburn
    4th Rd- Myron Lewis, CB Vanderbilt
    5th Rd- Kyle Calloway, OT Iowa
    6th Rd- Vince Oghobaase, DE Duke
    7th Rd- Zane Beadles, OG Utah
    7th Rd- Mickey Shuler Jr, TE Penn State

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    love tate, tate, and Calloway picks. I think i would have preferred addressing the DLine earlier instead of OLB. Instead of Misi, I would have liked a Cam Thomas, Lamar Houston type, or maybe even Burnett, and then a Dline in the 3rd instead of Jones.

    Either way, I think this apparent need for a 'pass rusher' at OLB is overratted. Ryan's defenses never featured one guy as a sack master. There was always a different guy, game to game, year to year, etc.

    Other than that, its nice to see a mock when the JEts trade back, even though I don't think MIkey T understands that. That's good, cause neither do I.

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    Its a very deep draft. The more picks the better. Trading back makes sense for us b/c i dont think we can get a difference maker at 29 but i think we can get an equally good player at the top of the second round. Im banking on 1 or 2 teams wanting a QB like Colt McCoy but worried he wont get to them.

    I also would like a D-Lineman earlier but i think we have a log jam at that position and were better off getting a D lineman later who can be developed. I think Misi is a Ryan type of guy. Very hard worker high revved motor who will go all out.

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    If Wooton is still on the board when that second pick happens i'd like taking him there. Also, not sold on Tate, these ND guys are always super overvalued.

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    I love the trades, as you stated this is a deep draft, lots of good choices.
    On the Leon trade, I wouldn't mind taking a pick in 2011.

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    I really like the Tates as well as Misi a lot as players. Jones for where you got him is understandable. I know nothing of the late round OLs.

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    like the strategy but not picks.


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