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Thread: JI 2010 Mock Draft - Pick announcement thread.

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    with the 20th pick in the NFL Draft the Houston Texans select

    DT Tennessee Dan Williams

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    With the 21st pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select...

    Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

    The New England Patriots are on the clock. PM sent to Beerfish.

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    Bill Belichick would first of all like to thank all the fans at the radio city music hall for the nice round of applause and hospitality afforded to us.

    The New England Patriots select:

    Sergio Kindle - OLB - Texas

    (gangGREENinsider is on the clock, pm sent)
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    Packers select S Earl Thomas
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    With the 24th pick the Eagles select:

    Taylor Mays - S - USC

    ravens are otc, pm sent
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    With the 25th Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravens Select Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State.

    PM Sent to Gato, even though he lives in this board.
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    With the 26th pick the Cardinals select:

    DE/OLB Everson Griffen

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    Dallas -

    27) Maurkice Pouncey - G/C - Florida

    San Diego -

    28) Ryan Matthews - RB - Fresno State

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    Are you f*cking kidding me? My dream scenario in message board reality form? I'm going to make my favorite pick...The Jets select:

    Terrence Cody DT/NT Alabama

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    The Saints of New Orleans pick with the final pick of the first round:

    Carlos Dunlap, DL, FLORIDA

    revis island is OTC, PM'd
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    The St. Louis Rams select.

    Brian Price, DT, UCLA

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    With the 34th overall pick,

    The Detroit Lions select:

    Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

    Sending PM to Woody56

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    With the 35th Overall Pick

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select

    WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech

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    With the 36th pick the Kansas City Chiefs select

    DE/OLB Jerry Hughes TCU

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    With the 37th pick in the draft the Washington Redskins select

    QB Colt McCoy Texas

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    with the 38th pick in the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select..

    QB Tim Tebow Florida

    PM sent to doggin Oak on the clock

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    With the 39th pick of the draft, the Raiders select:

    Clemson DE Ricky Sapp

    Venom OTC, will PM
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    The San Diego Chargers select

    Cam Thomas - NT - North Carolina

    doggin PM'ed
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    Buffalo selects OT/OG Vladimir Ducasse

    PM Sent to Woody
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