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Thread: Belichick's Daughter Pursues a Coaching Career, Also Wears Hoodie

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    Belichick's Daughter Pursues a Coaching Career, Also Wears Hoodie

    Figured you guys would have more fun with this in the Hampur:


    [QUOTE]Yes, there is another Belichick working in Massachusetts, this one trying to make her own name in the coaching game. Amanda Belichick has followed her father, the three-time Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, into the family business. She is a 25-year-old first-year assistant with the University of Massachusetts women’s lacrosse team.

    “I would love to be a Division I head coach,” she said after a recent practice. “I’m definitely learning how to do that.” [/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]Bill Belichick has attended one practice and two home games so far, usually standing by the corner on the sideline of a UMass team that is now 5-6 over all and 2-0 in the Atlantic 10 after being picked to repeat in the conference. Coach Alexis Venechanos, who guided the program last season to its first N.C.A.A. tournament berth in 25 years, said the elder Belichick had provided feedback after watching. [/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]Bill Belichick attended UMass’s home-opening victory over Holy Cross. Afterward, the Minutewomen celebrated the 12th birthday of a girl with a brain tumor whom they had “adopted” through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. Mulligan, a sophomore from Hanover, Mass., and a passionate Patriots fan, walked up to Amanda’s father.

    “I was, like, shaking,” Mulligan said. “I said, ‘Do you want a piece of cake?’ And he’s like, ‘Nah, I gave it up for Lent.’ I couldn’t get anything out after that.

    “I freak out when I see her dad. He’s the biggest celebrity in my life.” [/QUOTE]
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    She certainly looks like she has the goods.

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    Thread title had me laughing. She does, in fact, have a hoodie on.

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    [QUOTE=32green;3540687]She certainly looks like she has the goods.[/QUOTE]

    And certainly looks like she enjoys eating them as well.....:D

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    She looks like Belli with teats.

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    [QUOTE=RageATL;3540706]She looks like Belli with teats.[/QUOTE]

    +1 :yes:

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    Did papa Belichick bring along his camcorder?

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    [QUOTE=Beerfish;3540715]Did papa Belichick bring along his camcorder?[/QUOTE]

    Nah, he had someone from his staff record it...they've got an excellent camera crew! :P

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    I didnt come here to kiss her rings

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    She' kissing carpet..

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    That's all the signs of a ...damn what do you call it.....Lebanese ? :D

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    Flash forward 20 years: Whilst Umass-Amherst collects championship after championship, Umass-Boston hires Suzie Mangini, the daughter of NFL coach Eric Mangini. The move, while initially heralded by diehard Boston fans, is ultimately a miserable failure.


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