Being a Villanova alum I follows the team sports news and this interesting article came up....

Seven players from this year’s NCAA Division I National Championship team (the BCS is not an NCAA championship, by the way), participated in the work outs on March 18th.
Perhaps the most impressive Villanovan was Safety Ross Ventrone, whose brother Raymond (also a ‘Nova alumus) has been employed by the New England Patriots, New York Jets and most recently, the Cleveland Browns. Ventrone ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds, had a 35 1/2-inch vertical jump, a 6.77-second three-cone drill and did 22 repetitions on the bench press (225 pounds). Those numbers would put him among the most athletic safeties in the draft, but due to concerns over his size, 5′9″ and weight, 198 lbs, it is probable that the talented DB will end up as an undrafted free agent like his brother.

Might not be a bad developmental player/STs guy to grab in UDFA