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Thread: Earl Thomas just ran a 4.35 at pro-day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SenorGato View Post
    You know how Reggie Nelson and Michael Huff struggled their first few years?

    Thomas is going to be the same way...That's why Berry's going ahead of him...way more pro-ready.
    Nelson was actually pretty decent as a rookie. The problem is he's regressed ever sense then.

    UF hid his lack of football IQ and tackling ability by playing him predominantly as a CFer...Same way they hid Spikes' lack of coverage ability by rushing him off the edge on 3rd down.

    Strong was a d@mn good coach...

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    im not hating on earl thomas, who I agree will be long gone by 29

    but 1) that texas surface is an indoor track... and fast like Ohio State 2) he tweaked his hammy and dissapeared after his 1st run.

    it was a mixed result... some very good some not so good... it would have been better with more runs and drills. he had a very short day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetster View Post
    Has there ever been a draft where more than 1 safety was taken in the top
    3rd of the 1st round?
    Just wondering.
    Why would you want to pay a safety a boat load of money?
    Give me a mean *ss pass rusher like Demarcus Ware any day over a damn safety.
    Jets are in the catbird seat @ 29!
    When you look at any mock draft, there are always at least 5 top notch players for the Jets at 29.
    I'm looking for a trade BACK in the 2nd round. How many starting positions are available on the Jets right now?
    What rookies could START this season on the Jets?
    If the Jets plan on ground & pound again then maybe another STUD running back is in order.
    God I can't wait for the draft!
    This is a very good point. Usually S is not a position that gets drafted in the first round but with this years prospects we are looking at potentially 3 first rounders. It will be interesting to see how things pan out and who will be available when the Jets pick (that is if they sit pat and don't trade up).


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