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Thread: Big Jenk recovering well

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    Big Jenk recovering well

    this is really great to hear. the thought of adding Jenkins and Cromartie to the squad we had most of last season is pretty f'ing exciting. cannot wait to see this D smash people next year.


    Here’s a scary thought: Kris Jenkins is getting giddy.
    The mammoth Jets’ nose tackle appears on schedule in his rehab from a season-ending left ACL injury in Week 6. Jenkins didn’t make any bold predictions, but he said he’s more excited than he’s been in a while for the upcoming season.
    He jokingly proclaimed himself “77 percent” ready. (He wears No. 77). For now, trainers are monitoring his running to make sure he doesn’t needlessly accelerate his recuperation.
    “Honestly, I don’t think that that’s something that’s an issue for me because the trainers and strength coaches stay on top of me with everything I do,” Jenkins said about trying to do too much too soon. “One time I tried to do a little bit too much. And they shut it down real quick. So they’re not going to let me do anything to jeopardize my health.”
    “I’m happy with that,” he added. “I’m looking forward to taking it step by step and getting back out there.”

    Jenkins, who tore his ACL in his right knee in 2005 with the Carolina Panthers, didn’t put an exact timetable for his return, but promised he’ll be running regularly “in the near future.” He also said his wife – he was married last year – has helped provide stability in his comeback.
    “I feel like myself,” Jenkins said. “I know that I’ll be good to go. I’m confident in everything. I’ve been through this before, so I know what to expect. I know what to go through. The jitters are gone. I’m just glad to be back.”

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    I wonder how his weight is doing...

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    If Jenkins stays healthy for a full season our defense can really take the next step over the top... he is arguably our most important player on defense

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    This is great news to hear.

    I was getting concerned not hearing about him but I guess no news is good news.

    This defense is gonna run the table and set the tone for the NFL next year to prove last year was no fluke and this team is the real deal in all aspects of the game.

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    That is great news thsanks for posting. Hopefully now they can cut down his work load knowing what we now know about our D. Personally I would cut it in half, and I would also have him play on special teams returning both punts and kicks as well as lead FB on the GL.

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    [QUOTE=thshadow;3544227]I wonder how his weight is doing...[/QUOTE]

    I know it's not an accurate gauge, but I thought he looked pretty good in his appearances for the NFL Network recently.

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    The key being, can he stay healthy???? Jenk is a beast when he's healthy and if I don't mind saying so myself he seemed to LOVE playing for Rex.

    If we can keep him healthy for the entire season next season and 100% effective, I would doubt ANY offense would be able to have their way with us...

    Jenk is a true difference maker....

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    there isn't a draft pick that can rival the impact of a healthy #77 for this team...

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    very good to hear

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    Rehabbing a knee is intense, he will loose weight and then probably bulk back up, Godzilla.

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    This is great news! No matter what we do in the draft a healthy Jenkins improves out defense tremendously!!

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    I love big Jenk :)

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    the wily veteran..don't do it big cat....DON'T DO IT BIG CAT!



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