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Thread: Hostile Giants fans?

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    Talking Hostile Giants fans?

    Has anyone else getting a lot of lip from Giant fans after this past season due to our Jets flying HIGH? I put this in off topic because i know there will some guys here who say " does this deserve a thread" but I'm jonsing for some ball and i have heard the same comments from all giant fans...."ONE GOOD YEAR", "It's still Giants Stadium", "Check out our Rings"

    Ii cant take it anymore I'm going mad and I feel like we are in for another magical season and I feel the addition of LT with a better O line than SD's will make him have a respectable season, Shonn will be up for the challenge and make a big step forward for us, Leon will be dynamic if he is indeed 100% and Keller is just looking to be our Jason witten with better numbers and Bray Bray is going to be the real deal and maybe another addition we don't even see coming (maybe B marsh four our 1st this year.)

    Who knows, but I am psyched for this upcoming season and I truly believe that our Gang Green are gonna RUN SHIZZ this season and for years to come with REX,Sanchito and company...Chime in my bros!!!

    J-E-T-S...JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJet85 View Post
    ...I'm jonsing for some ball...
    That's quite disturbing.

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    lol...........Giant fans don't care about us, these must be kids that just won their first of 7 league championships.


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