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Thread: This makes me sad- RIP Mike Cuellar Baltimore Orioles

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    This makes me sad- RIP Mike Cuellar Baltimore Orioles

    Was just 10 years old when I first started rabidly folowing any organized sport, and just so happened to be a New York Met game in 1969.

    Good timing.

    Shea Stadium to see the Cubs and I immediately became a huge fan. Great run through the playoffs and World Series. Seaver, Koosman, Grote, and the late season addition Donn Clendenon who became my favorite player.

    But to win that championship, the Mets had to get through the best team in baseball, with one of the best starting pitching staffs ever--led by Mike Cuellar. Guy was incredible.

    Died yesterday after a bout with stomach cancer.

    Hate seeing all these guys I grew up watching dying. Dammit.

    [While I remember SB 3 because of Joe Willie Namath, didn't become that huge Jet fan until training camp before the 1970 season and the whole Bachelor's III incident].

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    I absolutely remember Cuellar. Great pitcher. RIP.


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