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Thread: The single most ridiculous contract ever.

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    [quote=Chupa]The Knicks owe Eddy Curry 18m next year.[/quote]



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    That contract is not bad at all.

    It's one year.....

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    [QUOTE=New Jerzey Jet;3546005]That contract is not bad at all.

    It's one year.....[/QUOTE]

    Yah and its an uncapped year. They just lost LT, Sproles is really the only expirienced back they got right now.

    Pre-Injury who would you take, Leon or Sproles?

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    [QUOTE=Yankeejet22;3545879]I knew that the Chargers tendered Darren Sproles a 1st & 3rd round tender, and I knew that meant that he would make really good money this year, but I couldnt believe my eyes whe I read that he just signed his 1 year tender for $7.28 Million Dollars! For a scat-back type of RB, who is not, and never should be a starter, that is crazy money!

    Now I know why Leon wants more $.[/QUOTE]

    Oliver Perez getting 36 mil for 3 years is the worst contract in any sport going right now. At least Sproles has value for his team

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    [QUOTE=sg3;3545967]there is always Omar extending Ollie Perez for a guaranteed 37 million before last season[/QUOTE]

    The worst part of that contract was he was a free agent.

    [I][B]They bought him back. [/B][/I]

    Antrel Rolle's contract will be one that goes down as one of the worst ever.
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