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Thread: Thoughts on Jamar Wall CB Tex Tech?

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    Thoughts on Jamar Wall CB Tex Tech?

    Looks like he may be injury prone but could he worth a flyer very late in the draft? Big hitter/run support, semi slow 40 time, decent man skills.

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    I like him. Did a very nice job in the shrine game and made several nice plays on the ball. Built very stout and to be honest, I'd like to see him lose a few. Think that would help his quickness even more.

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    Hey Jetsfan1983,

    I had similar thoughts. I'm always looking to shore up the Jets CB position with raw but high ceiling players (especially after what #18 did to us in the AFCCG) and I think J Wall fits that bill. The price is right too. And yes he is an intimidating hitter and seems to have the right tools for solid ST play as well, another area jets need help in. also from what I've heard/read great character/work ethic. Round 7 would be very nice.


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