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Thread: Braylon Edwards take on the new Ipad

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    Braylon Edwards take on the new Ipad

    Braylon Edwards(notes), Wide Receiver, New York Jets

    "I was going to get one, but I wasn't satisfied with the specs for shock resistance. Because let's face it, I'm probably going to drop it."

    I am starting to like this guy more and more.....:yes:

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    Well done Braylon


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    Good to see that he doesn't take himself to seriously...its funny what happens when a certain egotistical hyper-sensitive player leaves the team.

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    He didn't drop anything in Indy; just saying.

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    Extra points for Braylon, lol

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    He didn't drop anything in Indy; just saying.[/QUOTE]

    Great Point!!

    I was watching Jets Nation last night and they showed that pass from Sanchez on the 80 yard bomb.....the ball just disappeared in his hands...this guy is one heck of a physical specimen..if he can focus and hold on to the ball......after not seeing a highlight for a few months it was good to revisit


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