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Thread: Last Jets Mock before the Draft

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    Last Jets Mock before the Draft

    1st round: WR Damian Williams - USC

    2nd round: DE Tyson Alualu - California

    4th round: CB Donovan Warren - Michigan

    5th round: OLB Lindsey Witten - UConn

    6th round: TE Steve Maneri - Temple

    7th round: OG Chris DeGeare - Wake Forest

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    I actually like DeGeare. Watched a Wake game too get a good look at Ghee and ended up watching him on offense. Would be happy with him. Thick guy with some strength. Think he goes a bit higher than the 7th but anything's possible in the draft.

    I like Damian Williams and I haven't watched Alualu yet, but I've heard good things about him.

    I'd be pretty happy with that draft.

    Reasonable draft slot locations throughout, so good job.


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