This is good for a chuckle or two.


[I]After months and months of hype, [URL=""]Apple's iPad was finally made available to consumers over the weekend[/URL]. Your thoughts, NFL person?

[IMG][/IMG][B]Terry Bradshaw,[/B] [I]FOX Sports NFL Analyst[/I] "What's this you're talking about? An iPad? How are you supposed to see if you put a pad on your eye?"
[B][IMG][/IMG]Al Davis[/B][I], Owner, [URL=""]Oakland Raiders[/URL][/I] "To me, the phonograph is still the superior technology."
[B][IMG][/IMG][URL=""]Braylon Edwards[/URL][URL=""](notes)[/URL],[/B][I] Wide Receiver, [URL=""]New York Jets[/URL][/I] "I was going to get one, but I wasn't satisfied with the specs for shock resistance. Because let's face it, I'm probably going to drop it."
[B][IMG][/IMG]Dan Snyder[/B][I], Owner, [URL=""]Washington Redskins[/URL][/I] "Is it new, shiny and expensive while also not offering any usefulness beyond what we already have? Yes? Then I'll take 9,000 of them."
[I]Idea, obviously, borrowed from [URL=""]The Onion[/URL].[/I][/quote]