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Thread: Jets Bringing in Andre Dixon

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    Jets Bringing in Andre Dixon

    Jets are bringing in my friend from Uconn today Andre Dixon.. he is probably going to fall to the 6th-7th round


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    Soooo amped...make it happen tanny. uconn and nyjets joining forces? my brain might collapse from overstimulation

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    Bring him in Tanny

    In the 7th
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    From New Brunswick right?

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    Dixon will have to deal with questions about his two suspensions; he missed the first two games of the 2007 season for violating team rules and time at the end of the 2008 season following an arrest for drunken driving. His strong running, receiving and blocking effort, however, make him a solid value in the mid-to-late rounds as a third-down back (or possibly more) if teams are satisfied with his answers.


    Inside: Good vision as an inside runner, able to sidestep would-be tacklers in the hole. Often used on draw plays because of his ability to pick his way through traffic with excellent vision and set up defenders in space with his shoulder to elude them. Turns sideways through creases if needed, smelling the first down marker or goal line. Not a true power back but is willing to lower his pads and will carry tacklers for a couple of yards when they try to bring him down from behind.

    Outside: Could be more patient on stretch plays; will get the corner but turn it inside too soon. Lacks an elite burst before or past the line or breakaway gear once in space. Lacks elusiveness when running east-west.
    Breaking tackles: Runs with a lean inside but his lanky frame isn't built to blow up defenders. Will run through arm tackles at the line, forcing linebackers to make a play.

    Blocking: Stands up to blitzing linebackers on the edge or in the middle. will throw a shoulder instead of extending his arms, but can still anchor and sustain. Also uses his shoulder to chip or double inside or outside. Will cut block to give his quarterback a passing lane over the middle, at times missing badly by diving before the oncoming linebacker reaches him. Not a lead blocker.

    Receiving: Not used as often in this regard for UConn as he will be at the next level. Has the ability to adjust to poorly thrown balls, whether high, low, or wide. Shifty in the flat; able to make defensive backs miss if they do not break down. Inexperienced in route-running.

    Intangibles: Despite not being a captain, Edsall and his teammate considered Dixon the "heart and soul" of the team. Plays tough on the field. No issues about work ethic, but suspensions open up character concerns.

    Proj. Round 6-7

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    Yeah from New Brunswick, played against him in football used to date a girl I know

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