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Thread: Jason Taylor and the draft

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    Jason Taylor and the draft

    If the Jets sign JT, does that keep them from drafting an OLB/DE in round one or two ?
    It convinces me how valuable the Jets think Graham, Kindle,and Hughs are. The only guy that could be there at 28 is Hughs , and the Jets probably are questioning whether Jerry will be there.
    Gato may have the right idea, in the JI draft he picked Witten in the 5th round to address this position. Any hope I had for Gholston is down the drain.
    The signing of Taylor allows more flexability to trade down, but it looks like either DL or WR at 29

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    I would be VERY disappointed in the Jets if they passed up a good player just because we signed Taylor. Taylor is 36, 1 maybe 2 years left at the outside. No guarantee he won't be the 3 sack guy he was in Washington.

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    nope, not at all.

    regardless of whether taylor signs, i think there's a good chance that either bryan thomas or gholston, if not both, will not be on the team next year. the odds of this increase if taylor signs, and the defense would look very different if the jets drafted kindle, as an example.

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    Honestly I think the Jets were thinking WR at 29 from the jump. That is probably why they traded for Cromartie and are now trying to sign a pass rushing OLB. DE is also a huge need for us but I have a feeling with the trade and FA moves the Jets will be looking to deal their way up the draft board to snatch a player.

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    Signing Taylor to me is just another position being addressed before the draft. He could play one maybe two years as a situational pass rusher. Gives Gholston a year to show if he should stick around too. And maybe Westerman shows some promise.

    As for the draft, I don't think this rules out drafting an OLB but they would now be fine as is if they do not end up drafting an OLB. We would have Pace, Thomas, Gholston, Taylor, Westerman...OLB would be fine for this year and maybe longer depending on how the young guys come along.

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    If we added Taylor, and didn't trade Thomas, we'd be looking at Pace, Taylor, Thomas, and Gholston at OLB (Perhaps Westerman as well, although I think he can probably play some ILB).

    I just don't see a roster spot, nevermind playing time for a 1st round pick at that position, unless we're seriously willing to cut Gholston.

    So as much as I'd like it, I generally don't think it'll happen.

    In some ways, I hope Taylor stalls until after the draft, we're forced to draft said OLB, and then we can tell Taylor to GFY.

    PS: Ricky Sapp doesn't get talked about enough on here. He could absolutely be a consideration at #29.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    I don't know, V, Gil Brandt does not even have him in his TOP 60

    He has Ricky Sapp in his 61-70 Group
    Gil Brandt also has Dez Bryant between 21-30 (Way too low), and Tim Tebow between 21-30 (Way too high), or how about Taylor Mays 41-50 (Too low), or Nate Allen 71-80 (Too low), ect.

    Needless to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have to take his rankings with a grain of salt.

    Ricky Sapp is a player. Period.

    To quote from Cimini's blog.

    2. Spoke to an NFL scout today who believes Clemson DE/OLB Ricky Sapp (6-4, 252) would be an ideal fit in Rex Ryan's 34 defense. Said the scout: "He's a pass-rushing son of a gun." The Jets are picking 29th, and that might be a little high for Sapp, but he has the ability to drop and cover. That has to be appealing to the Jets.

    By the way, Sapp is scheduled to visit the Jets tomorrow. This is what he wrote in his pre-draft diary for Times and Democrat in Orangeburg, S.C.:

    "On Tuesday morning, I am flying out to go visit the New York Jets. I am very excited because I have never been to New York and I am ready to see what all the talk is about. I leave from the Jets and fly straight to Arizona to visit the Cardinals. I’m extremely excited, but as quietly as it’s kept ... I HATE flying. I HATE airports, but it’s something I’m going to have to get over real soon."

    Memo to Ricky: The closest you'll get to New York is seeing the skyline out of your plane window. You're headed to Florham Park, kid.
    Read more:
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