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Thread: We should draft Brandon Spikes

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    We should draft Brandon Spikes

    I love this kids style on the field. Move him over to the OLB spot and he could man that spot for years to come.

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    5.01 40 time.

    Yeah, pass.

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    to the draft forum witcha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ven0m View Post
    5.01 40 time.

    Yeah, pass.

    Agreed. I would say if the Jets had a 3rd rounder and he was still there, go for it as good depth at ILB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYDreamer View Post
    I love this kids style on the field. Move him over to the OLB spot and he could man that spot for years to come.
    Bro. That is a ridiculous idea. Let me ask you this: If you have a 2nd Basemen on College, could you move him to Short Stop in the pros? No.

    My point is, if he wasn't good enough, or have the right physical tools, for OLB in college, what makes you think he can play it in the NFL?

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    Wow. ILB depth sure but move the guy to OLB? He is the opposite of fast.

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    If we want ILB depth a guy to look at is Mike Mclaughlin from BC. Will be a good special teams player and possible long snapper, def can be had in 5th round or later.

    ILB is not a position where we need to be spending a pick in the top 4 rounds.

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    Spikes can play, and he can rush the passer.
    Would have no problem taking him, 40 time sucks..but he is a beast.
    Makes plays, and somehow whenever he INT's a ball he takes it back for a touchdown.
    If he is still there after the 3rd, personally I would want to take him.

    There is a reason he was a consensus first round pick last year.

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    Spikes needs to go to the Eagles (or one of the Jim Johnson disciples) and play the Jeremiah Trotter role.

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    People have already covered it, but Spikes could not make the move. There is no reason to think that he'd be an especially good pass rusher on the outside. Also a different world from going to playing in space as a MLB, to playing a great deal on a TE or at the LOS.

    Spikes is fun to watch at times, but he's not overly good at taking on blocks and he's not overly fast as evidenced by his times. He plays faster than his times, but he's not going to be running down running backs in coverage or even some of the faster TEs.

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    I would take Spikes at #61. If we lose Bart or Harris in the middle we have ZERO!! Plus Scott is 28 years old. Would be nice to have a nasty SOB like Scott teach a young nasty SOB like Spikes at MLB.


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