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Thread: Unusually Deep Year for NT???

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    Unusually Deep Year for NT???

    Another thread got me thinking of how many decent to good NT prospects there are in the first couple rounds. It seems like a very deep year for the big guys with Williams, Cody, Thomas, and Joseph. Admittedly, I dont know what next years crop looks like, but I was thinking it might be a good idea to get the long term solution this year because of the globe theory.

    What are your thoughts?

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    just like business. Supply and Demand. With all these NFL teams now switching to 3-4 defenses bigger stronger NT are gonna be groomed. While I still think that these mountain men are gonna be a rare commodity, Its incentive for certain college players to maximize their size rather than stay at a lower weight.

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    Maybe a slightly deeper class then normal...

    But don't underestimate that with more teams looking to go to the 3-4, the fat boys are being overdrafted because of sheer supply and demand.

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    After Cody and Williams (I think Cody is a better 3-4 NT than Williams) there's a pretty decent gap. Next would be Al Woods, Troupp, Cam Thomas, Mullins, Weston, and so on.

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    It is a deeper draft than usual at this position.

    Dan WIlliams is and will be a far better NT than Cody.

    After Cody I believe it goes to a group of guys like Owens, Linval and Cam Thomas. Owens doesn't have prototype weight, but the guy is extremely strong at the point and can hold his ground against anyone. (I'm not basing any of that on his bench reps) Linval and Cam are both taller than optimal but they aren't too tall for the position and can certainly pull off two gapping. During their NFL careers, they'll likey both be playing at 340 given the tendency for players of their position to add a bit of weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    Dan WIlliams is and will be a far better NT than Cody.
    id love to be able to bet money against this statement. Dan Williams is more reliable maybe but Cody has more upside.

    Neither are pass rushers... They might both be good, Williams is Casey Hampton while Cody is Ted Washington or Sam Adams. DIfferent styles of NT both are excellent prospects.


    but to answer the original poster its an unusually deep defensive tackle year and that includes nose tackle. besides the top 2 Cody and Williams, There are "shallow" sleepers like Cam thomas, Troup, Joseph but also deep sleepers like Travis Ivey from Maryland, Darryl Jackson from Kean etc that have half a chance. Al Woods can probably play all the 3-4 positions. It's shaping up as a a great year.

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    Dan WIlliams is and will be a far better NT than Cody.
    Not sure I'd agree with that...Williams seems to me to be more of a 4-3 NT than 3-4 NT...but even ignoring that the only thing that separates them is that Cody is bigger but fatter...the natural assumption seems to be that it will always remain this way just because.

    Williams is maxed out IMO...his frame...his athleticism...solid player but not someone you can build a DL around. 'Bama's DL was built around Cody...not so much with Tennessee's DL and Williams.

    Also, in the games where they "faced each other" Cody made more big plays, so there's a plus going for Cody.

    I think a team 4-3 team like the Texans will take Williams before a 3-4 team does. Cody's pretty much your prototypical 3-4 DL, but he happens to be fat right Wilfork was once fat...or Ngata...or Hampton...or Jamal Williams...if I had to pick which would be the more high impact player in 5 years I'd take Cody and run.

    When did I become the resident Cody homer?
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