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Thread: New Poster Here From Boulder Colorado!

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    New Poster Here From Boulder Colorado!

    Hey guys, just thought I'd take the time to introduce myself. Been an avid reader on this board for nearly 4 years, but for some reason never got around to making an account to post. Figured now is as good as ever right?

    From south-west CT, go to school in Boulder, CO. 2010-2011 is gonna be fun

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    Cool story bro

    (kidding )

    Welcome to the site. It's turning out to be a really exciting offseason, and the draft is still to come.

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    My daughter Alex is a sophomore there (Boulder) and loves it, and my son is starting as a freshman there in Sept. Great place, but crappy football team.

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    Hey, good to see another Colorado fan, a lot of Colorado people already here.
    I'm a displaced NYer myself and this board is my connection to other jets fans. I've been on other boards and I think this one is the best. See you around.



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