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Thread: Mark it down, Jets will trade up in the draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmetto defender View Post
    #7 will cost a 1, 2 and 4 at the least.
    The Jets don't need Berry. They need a DE and OLB.
    i tend to agree... with rex's scheme we had a low total of sacks..we need someone who can get to the quarterback will make our avg safeties much better if we can get to the qb!!

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    I don't see the Jets trading up. However, if they do, the more likely scenario is that trade up to the middle of the first round and get either Earl Thomas or Kyle Wilson. Personally, I hope they stay put and draft Mount Cody in the first and Jason Worilds in the 2nd and Arthur Jones in the 4th.

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    I am actually never in favor of selecting Safeties in the 1st round. Now, if there is a need at Strong Safety, and there's good value, then I could see drafting a SS somewhere in the mid to low 1st round. But, a Free Safety? NEVER. You can get those guys later in the draft, and alot of times, there are alot of CB's in the draft that better translate to FS in the pros.

    Eric Berry will be a Strong Safety in the pros. We don't need a SS. Why would the Jets trade multiple picks (when they should be in the pick-collection mode) to draft a player to replace Jim Leonhard? Last I looked, we have more important needs.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Berry will be a god pro. But not with us.

    ...And by the way, why are so many that believe a FS is such a need? Kerry Rhodes will be easlily replaced. And we have two guys on our roster that can be his equal, if not better in Brodney Pool & Dwight Lowery.

    Rhodes was not good, and we still had a great Defense.

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    We're gonna trade up for either Earl Thomas or Brandon Graham.

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    i think the jets will trade up, but not in the first round. tanny has traded up 2x in the 2nd round, first to get our fan fave clemens, and next to nap david harris. you can say 3x if you include the trade up to get dustin keller.

    odds are, braylon is gone after this year, and santonio remains a jet. the jets didn't trade for holmes to have him 1 year, and edwards already showed the jets that he's never going to be the sure handed #1 wr. why do i bring this up here, b/c the jets have no need for a #1 wr anymore. they addressed qb, lt and shutdown cb as well in prior drafts. the only other high priority position left to fill is the john abraham role. that would be the only reason to trade up in round 1, especially in a draft this deep.

    in the end, we'll all look at this draft and be pretty happy with the 3 or 4 players the jets draft, which, when you add in santonio holmes, will basically complete the core of the team for years to come.

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    After this trade for a WR, I would also be surprised if we didnt trade up.

    We need to apply pressure sending less people. We need a stud there, and the FO favors one guy---I would be surprised if we didnt go get them. Its easy to guess graham there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    I see Tanny/Holmgren working a deal. The Jets 1st year this and a 1st next year and maybe a latter round pick if Eric Berry is still on the board at 7.
    Where do i sign for this?

    I also wouldn't mind moving up for Graham...


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