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Thread: Jets Targeting Odrick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanJim View Post
    Of the players that realisticly could be available at 29, I'm a big Odrick fan. Berry and Thomas should be gone and I don't think Mays fits our system. I would consider McCourty at 29 but not Robinson or Jackson. Kindle and Graham will be gone, Hughes seems like a 2nd round guy to me..

    If I am ranking my realisitic wish list it goes like this:
    1 - Odrick
    2 - Cody
    3 - McCourty
    4 - Alualu
    5 - Hughes

    Odrick, Cody, McCourty... It rhymes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    these are your opinions. I was talking purely contracts. Money talks.

    In terms of pure contracts, the only player on that list who is on the last year of their deal is Ellis. they've re-upped Pouha and Devito recently.

    Of course they are my opinions. That's what JI is about. No?
    I don't care about contacts and business. A contract can always be extended. I care about performance. I see a performance gap at DE. And there is a need for depth and performance at OLB. Thomas is older and other guys are perhaps prone to shall we say suspension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmetto defender View Post
    I don't care about contacts and business.
    the team is being run by an accountant. you might not care, but they do.

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    No way we move up for Odrick...

    If the Jets move up they're moving up for Graham or Thomas...

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    it all sounds like Mays is the pick.


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