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Thread: ***Official NBA Playoffs Thread***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    His shooting was off but in all fairness in the 4th quarter when the game was on the line Kobe attacked the basket and hit 9 of 10 free throws and the Lakers won by what, 5 points?
    Seen Jordan, seen Kobe. Jordan would have pwned the Celtics yesterday.

    Kobe stepped up because Phil had the good sense to sit him for a spell and bring some reality into his world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Kobe was 6-24 in a game 7 on his home floor. Thats not clutch boys and girls. Thats ****tn the bed in the biggest game of the year.

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    I think I agree with Untouchable. Jordan will always be the number one in basketball history. But Kobe Bryant does stand a chance. He IS a very good defender and I also feel people on this board, well at least on this thread have something against him. Who said LeBron is better than Bryant? What the…


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