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Thread: Is there any way we draft Zoltan Mesko in the 7th?

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    Is there any way we draft Zoltan Mesko in the 7th?

    Is he draftable? Or an UFA? Or a 6th rounder?

    Maybe we trade Clemens for an extra 7th and we use it to take this banger?

    Geez, I'd love to put the punter position to bed for the next 10 years.

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    Matt Dodge.

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    God I hope so too. With him and Danny Woohead Super Bowl here we come!!!!

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    Don't mess with the Zoltan

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeeZiTe View Post
    God, I hope so.

    Man, that takes me back. Plenty of reasons to throw up the Z the last two seasons.

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    Is there any way we DON'T draft Mesko in the 7th?

    Yep, if we draft him in another round.

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    I know punters are "a dime a dozen", but it really would be awesome to have a young stud back there. (Not saying this guy necessarily . . . just SOMEONE!!)

    On a team loaded with young talent, that would be a GREAT missing piece

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    ^^ This D + a good punter = Better Sanchez

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    This season may come down to Rex breaking down on the sideline screaming "my kingdom for a punter!" Weatherford blows, we will upgrade there, I can almost guarantee he will have competition this summer.


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