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Thread: John clayton thinks jets will take........

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedingGreen View Post
    Would anyone be will will to trade the #29 pick to the Bills for a second and third round pick if Tebow is still on the board and the bills are looking to move up??

    Just a thought as i have been hearing alot of tebow/buffalo connections??
    i think i would want a little more value. like throw in their first 6th rounder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMC View Post
    ................................Come Back to New York

    ........................Senor Gato
    More fitting would have been a girl rolling her eyes at a dude.

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    same defense as 2008, except the '08 team had a better QB- only difference was a Heisman winning RB..
    And the multiple Sophomore/Junior staters who returned and improved...A year is a difference too.

    Jimmy Kennedy was considered a top three pick prior to his senior season- he fell half a round....William Joseph was considered a top 8 pick- he fell 3/4 of the round....Branch was considered a top ten pick- he fell almost an entire round....of course you'd have to know the history pre and post to understand the simple point being made...
    And 29 is out of the Why? That's pretty much the exact same thing as those guys, and I agree that he profiles similarly to all those guys. The only one out of the league is Joseph. Teams want big men.

    who is the 350lbs NT you are referring to??? Cody was no where near 350 at any time during his Bama career-if you understand football you'd realize all you are doing in this instance is asking a fatass (in this case 380lbs Terrence Cody) to get body on body in a short yardage situation...don't need a whole heckuva lotta of athletic ability to do that....
    1. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

    2. So you still can't name anyone? Cool. It's alright to admit things like that CB. It doesn't hurt your argument...99% of the people here are in agreement with you.

    3. I even realize it's a gimmick, that's not my point. You're being obtuse for the hell of it.

    loaded?? every draft eligible player on the Bama defense who saw starting action or was a primary reserve (11 players) will be in an NFL camp this spring....many will be drafted in the top 120 selections...most will be drafted over the seven rounds....Reamer/Marquis Johnson/ali sharriff are the only UDFA's...funny thing about Cam Thomas getting single blocked and beat- his numbers are almost identical to Cody's- but hey- it was the scheme that held Cody's numbers down....
    Except that Cody was clearly a better player in college than Thomas...he clearly improved more as he played more high level competition...and he was the best player and will be the highest draft of the 'Bama DL for a reason.

    as stated earlier- same team from '08 expect for a different QB who was slightly worse and a game impacting RB- but thems just the facts...
    Watered down and simplified facts...just saying.

    LOL- yeh, I mean Arkansas "wrecked" ECU in the bowl game- correct?
    Lol. Touche....except that ECU still lost.

    right...because Joseph was a non-factor during the '09 campaign...I mean the numbers prove your point that it was solely his workouts pushing him up draft boards...
    Well it seems as likely considering when his hype/love came. You're telling me his workout numbers are a non-factor? Were Vernon Gholston's then?

    so cody has gone from being an elite player and top 12 pick to someone who won't fall out of the top 40?? that didn't take very long....
    I said top 20. If he were to fall, he's not getting past 40.

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    Damn, I was hoping this gobbledygook would stop once this thread was moved.

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    ^^ Yea, I'm just an idiot. Thursday will sort all this noise out.

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    I love how everybody is up in arms about a picture of a fat NT with his shirt off. Anybody wonder what Ted Washington looks like with his shirt off? I don't personally know, but I'm guessing it's not a pretty sight since he was also 6'5" and 350+. Would that preclude you from wanting the guy on your team in his prime? Anybody here think that Joseph looks like Atlas with his shirt off? He had as many fitness/stamina questions as Cody did, yet everybody here ignores that.
    All of this Linval Joseph talk, to me, is laughable. This is the Jets Insider trendy pick this year like Gilbert was last year. I will be very surprised if we reach for Joseph @ 29.
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    If Odrick is not available, I want Cody as the pick, barring some player free falling or a nice offer to move back. Cody is the perfect fit for our system. He gets to learn under big Jenks and then when he does play all he has to do is eat up blockers. It isn't pretty or flashy but few people can do it. If you watch Cody's tape, he is able to hold the line and allow linebackers to make plays.

    There is no chance we take Bowman in the first round.


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