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Thread: DT Callahan Bright has a world of talent...

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    DT Callahan Bright has a world of talent...

    I remember him when FSU was hotly pursuing him but couldn't make the grade. He made a stupid mistake, but he sounds like he has matured a great deal, I don't think this kid is bad at all, he has a good family upbringing kind of like Shonn Greene, Callahan went and got a job and has been a good citizen for a couple of years now. I'd take a shot on him in the 6th or 7th... Heck yeah!

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    he's fuqin awful....did sh!t at Shaw last season and looked fat and sluggish at the NC State pro-day.....the initial reports were he ran low 5.0's but the reality was completely different....

    a lot of wasted talent...


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