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Thread: How many Veteran Players will be moved in trades

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    How many Veteran Players will be moved in trades

    this year, during the draft . Jmo Im expecting alot of trades during the draft. (alot more trades this year) Whether its to acquire more picks or to use ammunition to trade up. First alot of these players would have unrestricted Fa's if there was still a labor agreement but are working on one year deals as restricted Fa's. See alot of teams getting something now , rather than losing them for nothing later.

    Taking the Raiders for instance I wouldn't be suppprised if all three of these veteran players are moved in a trade, during the draft. CB N Asomougha(more contract) , LB Thomas Howard( lost starting position) and Kirk Morrison(lost starting position)
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    I'm surprised both Morrison and Howard fell out of favor in Oakland (given, I haven't watched them that much). Both are pretty good linebackers in my opinion and the problem for the Raiders has been their DLine for a long time. They should definitely get some looks on the market and wherever they go, their new team should be really happy with them...


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