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    never never never gets old

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    thanks for posting... Brings a big smile!

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    Gets me so pumped up i cant wait....

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    I remember hearing Shaun Phillips boastful comments about SD not letting the Jets go until they were done with them. Note to Phillips: You never lock yourself in with marauding invaders. It reminded me of a line from the Watchmen movie after one of the hunted Watchmen was captured by the police and thrown into jail with the same guys he helped put in jail. His warning to them was that he was not locked up with them, they were instead trapped in there with HIM! That's what happened to SD. They were trapped in their own house with Rex' mad men known as the J-E-T-S Jets!

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    Just a great video to watch...

    Hope we have this thing going for a long time.

    Sanchez turns into a big time QB and we could have a dyansty on our hands.

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    Just forwarded the "State of the Jets franchise" to two of my Patsy friends.
    Thought they would enjoy it.

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    Gives me chills. So ****ing excited for this season. I love Douglass telling the Chargers that they had to get rid of Kaeding.

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    Sanchez yelling on the sideline "We're not done" after the Keller TD is great to see.

    They were very fortunate to have not gotten penalized with Rhodes running onto the field, into the end zone for the the Greene TD. Thank God we are rid of that asshat.


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