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Thread: Final Prediction Mock Draft

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    Final Prediction Mock Draft

    Trade with Cleveland Browns:

    #29 overall pick and #124 (round 4) overall pick for #38 (round 2) overall and #71 overall (round 3).

    At #29, Browns select Colt McCoy.

    Jets selections:

    #38 - Devin McCourty CB Rutgers
    #61 - Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
    #71 - Tyson Alualu DE Cal

    *Trade with Seattle Seahawks*
    Jets' #198 + #236 for Seahawks' #176

    #176 John Conner FB Kentucky

    You know we're not just staying put at 29,61 and 124 right? We're talking about Mike Tannenbaum here...

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    Not impossible although I think teh team has since decided to keep Leon and not take RB.

    If you are going for that type of player, I'd rather have Geno Atkins instead of Alualu.


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