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Thread: For round six how does this sound?

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    For round six how does this sound?

    Garrett Lindholm, Tarleton State
    Height: 5-8. Weight: 185.
    Projected Round (2010): 4-5.
    4/2/10: Raider fans are lucky that Sebastian Janikowski is on the team; otherwise, Al Davis would consider Garrett Lindholm in the first round. Lindholm, who hit a 64-yard field goal in 2009, drilled 3-of-4 attempts from 60-plus at his Pro Day. Wow.
    If this guy drops do you think he is worth taking? I am just worried that the K situation will come back to bit the Jets in the ass come December/January.

    It was a ridiculous pick taking Nugent in round 2 a few years back. But a sixth may be worth it

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    This present incarnation of the Jets front office has not really put a high value on the kicking game as far as picks goes. We had serious punting problems and they didn't use late picks on them. It wouldn't offend me if we took a PK or punter with a 6th or 7th as long as we knew this was the definitive best guy at his position.

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    We need to pick Swenson up as an UDFA...

    Brett Swenson...



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    I'd be fine with using our 6th/7th on best available Kicker/Punter. I don't see them going down that route though.

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    I'd be shocked to see this FO ever use a draft pick on a kicker of any kind. Yes, shocked.

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    There should be alot of Kickers and Punters that want to play for the jets as UDFA's.


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