How many teams would love to be where the Jets are at pick 29?

Jets are in the ultimate catbird seat! We all know that this draft is deeper than *hit!

Both Mike Mayock & Gil Brandt call this, "The deepest draft they can ever remember!"

All this talk of 3 safeties taken in the 1st 20 picks! Why pay a college safety that would have to learn how to play for Rex & actually learn how to play safety in this league, 4 times what you could pay Sharper to play for us for 2 years if we could get him after July 22nd?

Teams that are picking between 4 & 20 are no better off than the Jets picking at 29 in this draft. Only difference is they will pay a lot more money for basically the same prospect.

Jets still having 29 & 61 after trading for Cromarty & Holmes is mind boggling.
How often does a team that went to the AFCCG get 2-26 year old pro bowl caliber players for a 3rd & 5th round pick?

* This is similar to the Pats getting Moss & Welker, except Pats gave up 2,4,5 I believe and both of them were older than Cro & Holmes.

If someone trades up with the Jets for 29 & we recoup a 3rd rounder, you would have to say that the last 4 years have been the best years in the history of this franchize in building this team. If that happens Woody better be giving Tannenbaum a raise because other teams will be calling.

Look at Scott Pioli, guy made a career out of getting lucky with a 6th round pick. Personally, I think the Pats last 4 years aren't even close to how Tannebaum has transformed the NY Jets in that same period.
If Sanchez does turn out to be the NY Jets Franchize, Mike T should be in the NY Jets hall of fame!