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Thread: Joey Clinkscales (Jets' VP of Scouting) on UStream 4/20

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    Thumbs up Joey Clinkscales (Jets' VP of Scouting) on UStream 4/20

    Caught a facebook update from the Jets fan page that Joey Clinkscales will be streaming live tomorrow at 3:30 EST on ustream. Link will be provided tomorrow on the fan page.

    Getting my questions ready as I type

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    You could learn a lot from this.

    I want to ask about Brian Price.

    Also wonder if he thinks there are any safeties worth taking in the first round given that a lot of smart people just aren't willing to take a safety.

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    F*ck. I wanted to ask about Cody.

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    ****... I should have definitely asked about Cody. Even if I don't like him, I want to hear his opinion on him.

    WHen the retards kept asking stupid questions I finally broke down and logged in to ask about guys like Price, and eventually Linval.

    He definitely suggested he loved Price, and was amazed by his strength and so forth, but brought up that dreaded idea that he's better for a 4-3. True... But he would definitely fit our 3-4 if Marques Douglas can. The dude may become Warren Sapp.

    Anyway, the player I came away thinking that he loved was Everson Griffen. He went back discussing how Griffen was a running back at one point and had rushed for 1200 or so yards. You don't read up that much history on someone unless you really like the work they are doing on film.

    I also got the feel that he didn't really like any of the prototype size 3-4 ends, including Odrick. WHen someone asked about the 5 techniques in this draft, his initial, unfiltered reaction was "Eghh..." then he caught himself and started speaking about Odrick who is the consensus 3-4 end.

    For the most part, Clinkscales really watched what he said and didn't give much away.
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    His opinion on Cody would have sounded just like his opinion about everyone else on that segment -- he would have just said everything positive without listing any negatives. "Mountain of a man, really hard to move, losing weight, will be ideal for teams playing the 34, etc. etc."

    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't hear him say "he's a big fat slob who pushed around 280 LB kids in college when he was playing at 380 LB. He's the slowest player to enter the draft in the past 20 years, wears a D-Cup bra, and has been over-rated by the national media due to the fact that he played on a championship team with Nick Saban as his head coach. He'll eat himself out of the league in 4-5 years," which is probably what he was thinking.


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