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    MC SHAYS First Round Mock

    pretty good mock with different scenarios didnt see it posted anywhere.

    Detroit LionsRecord: 2-14 | Needs: DT, OT, ILB, RB, SS
    Ndamukong Suh, DT, NebraskaScenario 1: Detroit takes Suh and gets one of the four elite talents in this draft, a player who will bring instincts, size, strength and playmaking ability to the interior.
    Scenario 2: McCoy could be the pick if the Lions opt for the defensive tackle, who brings a bit more as a pass-rusher.
    Scenario 3: There is some speculation an offensive tackle could be the choice, presumably Oklahoma State's Russell Okung or Oklahoma's Trent Williams.

    Tampa Bay BuccaneersRecord: 3-13 | Needs: DT, WR, DE, DC, OLB
    Gerald McCoy, DT, OklahomaScenario 1: McCoy fills a need as the perfect 3-technique in Tampa Bay's defensive scheme.
    Scenario 2: Should McCoy end up in Detroit we still believe the Buccaneers will go for defensive line help and take Suh.
    Scenario 3: If McCoy is off the board Tennessee S Eric Berry, who has a great understanding of the Tampa 2 scheme, is a possibility, but No. 3 money is pretty rich for a safety.

    Washington RedskinsRecord: 4-12 | Needs: OT, DE, FS, NT, OG
    Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma StateScenario 1: The Redskins fill their biggest hole with the safest offensive tackle on the board.
    Scenario 2: Washington GM Bruce Allen is a notorious wheeler and dealer and could seek the right deal to move back in the first round and also recover some picks in the second and third rounds.
    Scenario 3: We don't envision the Redskins staying here to take Clausen. More likely is a defensive end, or Tennessee NT Dan Williams could come into play if the Redskins deal DT Albert Haynesworth, who has expressed displeasure with his team's new 3-4 defensive scheme, on draft day.

    Kansas City ChiefsRecord: 4-12 | Needs: OT, FS, NT, ILB, OLB
    Bryan Bulaga, OT, IowaScenario 1: Chiefs GM Scott Pioli takes the safest offensive tackle on the board. Bulaga is a solid pick who could become a bookend starter opposite current LT Branden Albert.
    Scenario 2: Should Okung get past the Redskins he would be the pick here.
    Scenario 3: Berry is the highest-rated player left on the board and would fit a primary need, but the Chiefs will have to consider whether a safety is worth the money required to sign the No. 5 overall pick.

    Seattle SeahawksRecord: 5-11 | Needs: OT, RB, S, DE, WR
    C.J. Spiller, RB, ClemsonScenario 1: Spiller is the clear-cut No. 1 player at a primary need position and new coach Pete Carroll could use him as a Reggie Bush-type weapon.
    Scenario 2: If Spiller is gone Trent Williams would be an option but concerns about his work ethic and football character will come into play.
    Scenario 3: Berry could also fill a top need if he is still on the board.

    Cleveland BrownsRecord: 5-11 | Needs: FS, NT, QB, DE, CB
    Eric Berry, S, TennesseeScenario 1: Berry is atop Cleveland's wish list and in this scenario the Browns get their man.
    Scenario 2: Should Berry go earlier the No. 2 safety on the board, Earl Thomas of Texas, is also a possibility.
    Scenario 3: If the Browns don't go for a safety they could look for a pass-rusher. We're hearing their interest in Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan is increasing but South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul would also have to be on the radar.
    Note: Cleveland no doubt thinks highly of Bradford but we just don't see the rebuilding Browns giving up the draft picks necessary to move into the No. 1 spot. A far more likely move is to stay put here and then move back into the later part of the first round to get Texas QB Colt McCoy, who is a perfect fit in Cleveland's West Coast offense.

    Oakland RaidersRecord: 5-11 | Needs: OT, DT, QB, G, RB
    Trent Williams, OT, OklahomaScenario 1: All bets are off when Al Davis and Raiders are on the clock, and Williams seems to fit their profile as a workout warrior with a little baggage who would fill a top need.
    Scenario 2: If Williams is gone then Rutgers OT Anthony Davis would be next on the list, but he comes with major questions about his work ethic.
    Scenario 3: The guessing game would also include Spiller should he somehow fall this far, and Pierre-Paul is another physical freak who could catch Oakland's eye.

    Buffalo BillsRecord: 6-10 | Needs: OT, NT, QB, WR, OLB
    Dan Williams, NT, TennesseeScenario 1: Finding a nose tackle to anchor their new 3-4 defense is a priority and Williams makes sense at this point.
    Scenario 2: If one of the top offensive tackles -- Okung, Williams, Bulaga -- should drop this far the Bills would likely go that route, but this might be too high for them to consider Davis.
    Scenario 3: There is a lot of speculation that Clausen could be the pick here but we just don't see it, and with the speculation surrounding Marshawn Lynch's future in Buffalo we wouldn't be shocked to see the Bills go after Spiller if he is still on the board.

    Jacksonville JaguarsRecord: 7-9 | Needs: FS, RB, C, QB, DE
    Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South FloridaScenario 1: Age and durability along the defensive front are issues even with the arrival of Aaron Kampman, and Pierre-Paul and his upside make sense here. Morgan would also have to be a consideration.
    Scenario 2: Safety is the team's most glaring need and Thomas is worth the pick, but the Jaguars might not want to spend another first-round pick on a free safety after missing on Reggie Nelson.
    Scenario 3: This is yet another team that would like to see Spiller fall. He would give Jacksonville the kind of versatile playmaker who could help the Jags keep up with division rivals Indianapolis and Houston.

    Denver Broncos (from Chicago)Record: 7-9 | Needs: ILB, WR, C/G, OLB, RB
    Rolando McClain, ILB, AlabamaScenario 1: McClain fills Denver's biggest need, though this is a bit high for him to come off the board.
    Scenario 2: The Broncos would like to get stronger down the middle of their defense and Thomas could come into play if he is still on the board.
    Scenario 3: Denver made moves in free agency and is looking to develop its roster the same way the Patriots did early in the Pioli-Bill Belichick regime, so the Broncos could opt for a value pick along the offensive or defensive line based on how their board sets up.
    Note: Many are convinced Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant is the choice here but Denver made it clear with the Brandon Marshall trade that it is not interested in players with character issues. We don't see Bryant as an option.

    Miami DolphinsRecord:7-9 | Needs: FS, OLB, NT, TE, RB
    Jerry Hughes, DE, TCUScenario 1: Dolphins VP Bill Parcells loves pass-rushers and Hughes, one of the most underrated players in this draft, is the perfect fit on the outside of Miami's 3-4 scheme.
    Scenario 2: Morgan and Pierre-Paul will come into play if they are still on the board at this point.
    Scenario 3: Thomas is also a strong possibility if he is still on the board, but this could be a little high for Miami to take a safety.

    San Francisco 49ersRecord: 8-8 | Needs: OT, S, CB, G, OLB
    Anthony Davis, OT, RutgersScenario 1: A right tackle to play opposite current LT Joe Staley is a top priority and Davis is the best pure pass-blocker in this class.
    Scenario 2: Thomas fills another top need if he is still on the board.
    Scenario 3: If offensive tackle and safety are not options here then Florida CB Joe Haden would make sense.

    Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)Record: 5-11 | Needs: OT, RB, S, DE, WR
    Earl Thomas, S, TexasScenario 1: With no offensive tackle worth the pick remaining on the board, Thomas fills the team's next-biggest need and is a good value at this point.
    Scenario 2: Should Davis slip to this point he would likely be the selection.
    Scenario 3: Morgan or Pierre-Paul would enter the discussion if either falls, and Bryant would be a wild card from a pure talent standpoint.
    Note: There has been a lot of talk about Clausen landing here and there is certainly room for a young quarterback behind the unproven Charlie Whitehurst, but all the noise coming out of Seattle about how much the Seahawks are in love with Clausen seems like a smoke screen to us.

    New York GiantsRecord: 8-8 | Needs: ILB, OG, OLB, DE, DT
    Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia TechScenario 1: There seems to be potential for a draft-day deal involving Giants DE Osi Umenyiora, and Morgan's every-down skill set, work ethic and tough-guy mentality would be a perfect fit under head coach Tom Coughlin.
    Scenario 2: Should McClain be on the board at this point he would be the most natural fit.
    Scenario 3: Williams could be a long shot here if he is on the board, though he is better-suited to a 3-4 and the Giants have more pressing needs at other positions.

    Tennessee TitansRecord: 8-8 | Needs: CB, DE, DT, ILB, G/C
    Brandon Graham, OLB, MichiganScenario 1: There is a lot to choose from at the top need positions but the Titans have had success with undersized ends in the past and Graham certainly knows how to get to the quarterback.
    Scenario 2: If cornerback is the choice then Haden becomes the best available option.
    Scenario 3: The Titans could possibly reach to fill their need at defensive tackle, though we do not believe any tackle on the board is worthy of this pick.

    San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina)Record: 8-8 | Needs: OT, S, CB, G, OLB
    Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre DameScenario 1: With the offensive tackle need taken care of at No. 13 the Niners have to think long and hard about Clausen. Yes, Alex Smith showed signs of life last season, but his contract was renegotiated and David Carr is not making much as the backup so having three current or former first-round quarterbacks on the roster is not as much of a stretch as it might seem.
    Scenario 2: If Clausen is not the pick then Haden would make the most sense from a need/value standpoint.
    Scenario 3: The Niners might also look for a 3-4 outside linebacker here if Hughes, Graham or Sergio Kindle of Texas is available.
    Note: Clausen comes into play in more ways than one here because if he gets past the Bills at No. 9 this is the area where teams could begin
    considering trading up in order to take him. Swapping out could then become an option.

    Pittsburgh SteelersRecord: 9-7 | Needs: CB, OT, C/G, WR, DE
    Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, FloridaScenario 1: We're convinced the Steelers want to get better up front and with his physicality and tough-guy attitude Pouncey is a perfect fit.
    Scenario 2: Corner is arguably the top need and that makes Haden an intriguing possibility if Pittsburgh passes on Pouncey.
    Scenario 3: Depending on the team you talk to it's close to a toss-up between Pouncey and Idaho G Mike Iupati, so the Steelers could go in that direction.

    Atlanta FalconsRecord: 9-7 | Needs: DE, OLB, G, T/G, RB
    Mike Iupati, G, IdahoScenario 1: Iupati is the best pure guard prospect in this class and fills a position of need for the Falcons as they try to protect franchise QB Matt Ryan.
    Scenario 2: The best remaining pass-rusher on the board is an option but Kindle is a much better fit in a 3-4 defense.
    Scenario 3: OLBs Sean Weatherspoon and Daryl Washington are reaches at this point but both fit Atlanta's scheme and bring speed and athleticism to the table.

    Houston TexansRecord: 9-7 | Needs: RB, CB, DT, FS, OLB
    Joe Haden, CB, FloridaScenario 1: The Texans look to a pressing need and take Haden, who is on the board in this scenario.
    Scenario 2: Should Haden be taken earlier then Houston likely chooses between CBs Kareem Jackson of Alabama and Kyle Wilson of Boise State, taking whichever player is higher on its board.
    Scenario 3: With running back being their top need the Texans could conceivably look at a prospect like Fresno State's Ryan Mathews, though it seems unlikely given the corners who should be available.

    Cincinnati BengalsRecord: 10-6 | Needs: TE, FS, ILB, DT, G/C
    Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma StateScenario 1: The Bengals have a track record of ignoring character concerns in favor of talent, and Bryant is a top-10 talent who would be an absolute steal at this point.
    Scenario 2: If Bryant is gone then Cincinnati would almost surely fill its top need with Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham, who is clearly the No. 1 player at the position.
    Scenario 3: If the options above are not available then a defender such as McClain or Williams could come into play here.

    New England PatriotsRecord: 10-6 | Needs: OLB, ILB, TE, WR, DE
    Jermaine Gresham, TE, OklahomaScenario 1: The Patriots have several needs and several picks (four in the top 53) so they have the flexibility to take Gresham, who in this scenario is far and away the best available player at a position of need.
    Scenario 2: A pass-rusher such as Kindle would also be a great fit.
    Scenario 3: It would not shock us to see the Patriots take Bryant if he falls this far, and other value picks such as Pouncey, Mathews and Penn State DE Jared Odrick could also come into play.

    Green Bay PackersRecord: 11-5 | Needs: CB, OT, RB, DE, S
    Kareem Jackson, CB, AlabamaScenario 1: Jackson fits the bill as the best available player at Green Bay's top position of need.
    Scenario 2: The Packers could reach for USC OT Charles Brown in order to fill a need.
    Scenario 3: There is some talk a pass-rusher/3-4 outside linebacker could be in play, or even a running back like Mathews.

    Philadelphia EaglesRecord: 11-5 | Needs: OLB, G, DC, OT/G, FS
    Charles Brown, OT, USCScenario 1: Brown is the top remaining tackle and fits Philadelphia's needs as well as any other player on the board.
    Scenario 2: Don't be surprised to see Philadelphia -- which has five picks in the top 87 and seven in the top 121 -- move up and target a defensive back like Berry, Thomas or Haden.
    Scenario 3: If the previous two scenarios do not play out then Iupati, Pouncey or the best available corner would be a consideration.

    Baltimore RavensRecord: 9-7 | Needs: CB, TE, DE, S, NT
    Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia TechScenario 1: We are well aware that receiver is not a priority need for the Ravens after they traded for Anquan Boldin, but Baltimore has proved it will not pass on a top-15 talent at this point in the first round, and that is where many teams rate Thomas.
    Scenario 2: Gresham could offer some help and is a strong possibility if he were to be available.
    Scenario 3: If all else fails the Ravens could target the best remaining corner on the board.

    Arizona CardinalsRecord: 10-6 | Needs: ILB, OLB, OT, TE, WR
    Sergio Kindle, OLB, TexasScenario 1: There are varying opinions on Kindle and if the right team gets the opportunity he could go earlier, but in this scenario we would expect the Cardinals to take him.
    Scenario 2: Arizona is yet another team that would like to get help from Gresham if he slides down the board.
    Scenario 3: Brown or Demaryius Thomas would be considerations if either gets to this point and other options are not available.

    Dallas CowboysRecord: 11-5 | Needs: OT, S, DE, ILB, CB
    Rodger Saffold, OT, IndianaScenario 1: If Brown is gone then the run on tackles is coming to an end and Saffold is the next-best option to replace the departed Flozell Adams.
    Scenario 2: Safety is also a pressing need and the Cowboys could elect to take USC's Taylor Mays if they become enamored with his size/speed combination.
    Scenario 3: Ends and cornerbacks come into play if Dallas cannot get help at offensive tackle or at safety.

    San Diego ChargersRecord: 13-3 | Needs: RB, NT, TE, CB, OT
    Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno StateScenario 1: Mathews is by far the best available player at the Chargers' biggest need position.
    Scenario 2: Alabama NT Terrence Cody is widely considered a second-round prospect but there are so few two-gap nose tackles in this draft that he could become a reach pick who can fill a need in the middle of San Diego's 3-4 defense after the departure of Jamal Williams.
    Scenario 3: The Chargers reach for a different need pick along the offensive line or in the secondary.

    New York JetsRecord: 9-7 | Needs: S, DE, OLB, TE, CB
    Jared Odrick, DT, Penn StateScenario 1: The Jets are getting older along the defensive front and Odrick's size, versatility and toughness make him a good fit as a 5-technique in the Jets' 3-4 scheme.
    Scenario 2: A pass-rusher would be the pick here if Hughes, Graham or Kindle were to somehow slip this far.
    Scenario 3: He is not a perfect fit and there are questions about his on-field character, but USC DE Everson Griffen is talented and versatile enough to consider here.

    Minnesota VikingsRecord: 12-4 | Needs: OT, DT, CB, RB, QB
    Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise StateScenario 1: The Vikings have proved to be a team that will go in any direction to take players who are good value. Wilson definitely fits a need and is certainly worth the pick.
    Scenario 2: Offensive tackle is also on the radar and if Brown or Saffold should fall he will get consideration here.
    Scenario 3: Minnesota would like to infuse some youth along the defensive line, and while UCLA DT Brian Price has been falling on a lot of boards he has the talent to justify the pick.

    Indianapolis ColtsRecord: 14-2 | Needs: OT, DT, C/G, ILB, QB

    Tyson Alualu, DT, CaliforniaScenario 1: With no offensive tackle worth the pick on the board the Colts opt for a defensive tackle who fits their quick, penetrating style on that side of the ball.
    Scenario 2: In an ideal world Indianapolis sees a tackle like Brown or Saffold fall to this point.
    Scenario 3: A pass-rusher is not a pressing need but if someone like Kindle or Graham should drop then he would be a value pick to fill what will be a need in the near future.

    New Orleans SaintsRecord: 14-2 | Needs: OLB, DE, DT, TE, FS
    Daryl Washington, OLB, TCUScenario 1: The Saints want to upgrade their speed and athleticism on defense and Washington is the perfect fit.
    Scenario 2: Based on his talent Griffen could be a consideration here if New Orleans is comfortable with his football character.
    Scenario 3: The Saints could perhaps play deal maker here with a team like the Browns or Bills -- who could solidify their quarterback situation with Colt McCoy of Texas -- and still have a chance at Washington or Weatherspoon at the top of the second round.

    Sorry the rams had bradford i suck at copy and paste.
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    I really really hope we don't go Odrick. I'll take Cody over Odrick and I don't even like Cody.

    And I think we take Kyle Wilson if he falls that far. But he wont...

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    If Kyle Wilson is there, you take him, period.

    Darrelle Revis
    Antonio Cromartie
    Kyle Wilson
    Dwight Lowery
    Drew Coleman

    Not a bad lineup at CB. Not bad at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    I really really hope we don't go Odrick. I'll take Cody over Odrick and I don't even like Cody.

    And I think we take Kyle Wilson if he falls that far. But he wont...
    same here every time i watched a penn state game i concentrated on him .
    he cant hold his ground looks like he needs some sand in his pants. i do like how he penetrates and can dispupt things in the passing game.

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    Wow very very different draft than most of these boards that I've read. With that said, we could go a hundred different directions with this projection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywoodjet View Post
    same here every time i watched a penn state game i concentrated on him .
    he cant hold his ground looks like he needs some sand in his pants. i do like how he penetrates and can dispupt things in the passing game.
    I also agree that Odrick really lacks the required point of attack strength to be an asset, if anyone doesn't think so watch the Penn State vs Iowa game. His only positive right now is being able to penetrate every now and then.

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    I think Odrick is a going to be a very good player, a Seymour/Jackson type of player, but there is no way in hell the Jets select him over Kyle Wilson and McCourty if they are both available at #29.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    If Kyle Wilson is there, you take him, period.
    +1000. Absolutely no question.

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    this is retarded draft (excuse the insensitive language)


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