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Thread: Trade Scenario Question

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    Trade Scenario Question

    What would the Jets realistically get in return from Clevland if the teams agreed to exchange the Jets' first pick (29) for Clevland's second rounder (38)? Thoughts on this scenario?

    I was reading Tim Graham's chat yesterday and he said this is a "plausible" trade scenario because of the two teams' "trade chemistry."

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    This is not from any stupid chart, but rather several years of interestedly watching the drafts.

    3rd rounder this year, or a second rounder next year.

    Multiple combination possibilities such as 4th this year and 3rd next year. That why having a creative mind like Tanny is useful.

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    29th is worth 640 points

    38th is worth 520 points

    for a difference of 120 point = 95th pick or late 3rd rounder


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    First of all I think it is very possible, that Cleveland looking for a play for QB McCoy could be looking to get to 29.
    Cleveland has a lot of picks
    38 in the second round
    71, 85 , 92 (jet pick, Edwards) in the third
    0 in the 4th
    134, 146, 160 in the fifth
    177, 186 in the sixth
    As pointed out in a previous post 38 in the second and 92 late third, would get a great trade for the Jets.
    The Jets could trade down from 61 late second to 71 early third for an additional two fifths 134 &160


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