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Thread: Mock Draft 5.0

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    Mock Draft 5.0

    Here is my 5th and final mock. I believe my 4th is closer to what may happen but from what I am hearing the Lions may shock everyone and go for Russell Okung. Here is the link and the mock below.

    My 4th mock is closer to probably what will happen though this is a mock that includes Albert Haynesworth going to the Lions so it changes things a little. Something tells me Okung will be the Lions pick if they get Hayneswork or not.

    Well where do we go from here? It is the day we have been waiting for since the Saints beat the Colts in the Super Bowl. This is the start of the new season for teams. The start of what your team is and the potential of what it could be. Today a team can secure a position for the next ten years and set them up for the ultimate goal. Also one bad pick in the first round or two and your team can be set back for years.

    My mock has changed since my fourth mock. Some has to do with some rumors I am hearing and other changes are due to things that are being said. When making a mock draft you have to be careful of smokescreens and I hope I did not buy into any. So lets take a look at my last mock for the 2010 NFL Draft.

    1. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma: This pick has changed since my first mock draft but has stayed the same for awhile now. Unless the Rams get a king ransom for this pick Bradford is the choice. Do not be surprised to hear that the Rams are negotiating with him this week. The rumor that the Steelers and Rams may work out a deal for this pick of Ben Roethlisberger are not true. Roethlisberger may get traded but not for the number 1 overall pick.

    The latest rumor is that the Browns are looking to trade up for the number one pick but I believe this is a smokescreen for the Rams to maybe see what they can get for the pick. I expect the Rams to pick Bradford and maybe even have him signed before the draft.

    2. Detroit Lions: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State: As much as the Lions want Suh they realize Jeff Backus is not the best pass blocking lineman and if he continues to play Matt Stafford may not. Okung is the best offensive lineman and the best player to protect their investment in Stafford.

    There are rumors that the Lions may trade for Albert Haynesworth and that the Lions want to take an offensive lineman to protect Matt Stafford. I am going with the idea they are going with Suh but I think it is 50/50 with Okung right now. As much as Coach Jim Scwartz wants Suh he realizes that Okung will help protect his future.

    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska: In the beginning it looked like Eric Berry would be the pick here with the DTs going one and two. The Bucs are thrilled to get Suh or McCoy and look forward to having their presence on a defense that needs one.

    With Okung going 2 the Bucs will be thrilled to get Suh.

    4. Washington Redskins: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma: With the trade for McNabb the Skins will look to protect him. With Okung gone the Skins will take Williams. People believe that Trent Williams is a better fit in the zone blocking scheme that Mike Shanahan runs.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs: Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa: The Chiefs need help along the offensive line and would prefer Okung or Williams. Bulaga's stock has dropped recently and I do not think the Chiefs would be happy to have him. If this is true I can see the Chiefs going with Eric Berry. I believe the Chiefs want to trade out of this pick but may have no choice and go with Berry or Bulaga.

    6. Seattle Seahawks, Gerarld McCoy, DT, Oklahoma: The Seahawks have many holes to fill. An offensive lineman is a must but with McCoy on the board the Hawks go for him. They love his size and athleticism and feel he will help the defense. The Seahawks have another first round pick to address the offensive line.

    7. Cleveland Browns: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee: Berry is the best safety in the draft and the Browns need help in the secondary. Joe Haden is an option here but I think the Browns and Mike Holgrem go for a playmaking safety he feels that can be a game changer like Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu.

    If Berry is picked before Cleveland picks I would not be surprised to see them take Joe Haden than. Barring a team taking Berry before them he will be the pick here.

    8. Oakland Raiders: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida: Pierre-Paul would add to the Raiders defensive line and is the best pass rusher in this draft. This would be the best pick for the Raiders and he has the potential to be a difference maker. That being being said Al Davis loves combine stars and Taylor Mays fits that bill this year. For awhile I have had Pierre-Paul going to the Raiders here but something tells me Al Davis will not take him and shake up this draft.

    The other workout warrior Davis may opt for is Bruce Campbell. Another option the Raiders may go for is Anthony Davis. Some rumors I have heard is Jimmy Claussen as well. Depending on what the Raiders do the draft could swing one way or another.

    9. Buffalo Bills: Jimmy Claussen, QB, Notre Dame: The Bills and Raiders are the two teams that will change draft boards. Many questions surround Claussen. I believe Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey see him as a qb of the future and one who will not have a problem throwing the ball in Buffalo. Nix and Gailey will live and die with Claussen but they will take him.

    Dan Williams is an option here but Claussen is the best fit.

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Haden, CB, Florida: Derrick Morgan is an option here as well but with the signing of Aaron Kampman it will allow the Jags to get the best corner in the draft. As important it is to get to the qb (Peyton Manning) by having a good corner it will allow the defensive line an extra second to get the qb. Rumors have the Jaguars looking at CJ Spiller and adding him as a compliment to Maurice Jones-Drew. I do not see that happening. If the pick is not Haden or Morgan and the Jags go offense it would not surprise if they went with Dez Bryant who will team nicely with Mike Sims-Walker.

    The Jags are looking to trade out of this pick and I believe someone who wants CJ Spiller may trade for this pick. It will be interesting to see what happens especially with the picks before them how they proceed.

    11. Dever Broncos: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St: With the trade of Brandon Marshall Bryant will be the pick. The only way that does not happen is if someone jumps in front of them to get Bryant. If that happens the Broncos will look to trade down to get another receiver later in the first round.

    I have heard that Josh McDaniels does not want to replace on headache with another and he may go defense here. With two high 2nd round picks the Broncos can use a pick on a receiver there or trade up to get one. If that is true Rolando McClain or Dan Williams may be picked here.

    12. Miami Dolphins: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee: The Dolphins need help at linebacker but it will be difficult for them to pass on the third best defensive tackle in the draft when they do not have a defensive tackle.. Williams will be a perfect 3-4 tackle for the Dolphins.

    The Dolphins are looking to trade out of this pick and recoup the pick they lost in the Brandon Marshall deal. If they trade to a lower part of the 1st round they will probably look to get a linebacker at that point.

    13. San Francisco 49ers: Rolando McClain, LB Alabama: The 9ers will be sitting to wait on McClain and hope he falls to them. He would be a perfect fit for Mike Singletary who will be thrilled to have him. Though the 9ers need help along the offensive line they will look at that with their second pick.

    If Jimmy Claussen falls to this spot the 9ers will jump on him. I also think the 9ers are hoping Joe Haden will fall to them. If not than McClain will be the pick. I think the 9ers would be very happy with any of the three players mentioned.

    14. Seattle Seahawks: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland: The Hawks got Gerarld McCoy with the first pick and with CJ Spiller sitting on the board they would love to get him. With the glaring hole on the offensive line the Hawks need to address it and Campbell they feel is the best value here.

    Mike Iupati and Maurkice Pouncey are options too. If the Hawks took Spiller I would not be surprised but addressing both offensive and defensive line in the first round would thrill the Hawks.

    15. New York Giants: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech: With the rumors that the Giants are shopping Osi Umenyiora, Morgan would be a perfect replacement. If the Giants did get Morgan they should be able to trade Osi for a 2nd round pick.

    If Morgan is off the board Sean Weahterspoon or Brandon Graham could be an option.

    16. Tennessee Titans: Everson Griffin, DE, USC: With the loss of Kyle Vanden Bosch they really need someone who can get to the qb and Griffin has the potential to do that. The Titans were hoping Derrick Morgan would fall to them but are happy with the steady Griffin.

    17. San Francisco 49ers: Mike Iupati: After going linebacker with their first pick they will address the offensive line with Iupati. Earl Thomas could be the selection but the 9ers need to address the offensive line with one of their first round picks. CJ Spiller is an option here too but the 9ers need to address the offensive line.

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida: The Steelers need offensive linemen. They would love Iupati to fall to them but are left to choose from Pouncey and Anthony Davis. I think they feel that Pouncey will be the better lineman so they go for him.

    19. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan: Graham has shot up draft boards recently after his combine performance and after teams looked at game tapes. Graham is a quick rusher off the end that will help a Falcons defense in need of a rusher. Some are concerned about Graham's height but I think he will find a way to use it to his advantage and be an impact player.

    20. Houston Texans: CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson: The Texans would be thrilled to see Spiller drop to them. They need help at the running back position and he could be a game changer for them. If Spiller is off the board Earl Thomas will be the pick.

    Spiller dropped a few spots in this mock. It is possible that the Seahawks, Giants, and 49ers will take him but I believe all three have other holes to fill and Spiller will slip to the Texans.

    21. Cincinnati Bengals: Earl Thomas, S, Texas: The Bengals are in need of a safety and Thomas has the potential to be a special player. The Bengals would be thrilled to get him here. Other options are Jermaine Gresham or Taylor Mays with this pick.

    22. New England Patriots: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn St: The Patriots will think about taking Gresham but they realize they need help along the defensive line and Odrick can play all three positions and he would fit perfectly into the Patriots rotatation. As much as the Patriots need a tight end they will look to address that in the 2nd and 3rd round.

    23. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown, OT, USC: Though the Packers resigned Tauscher and Clifton Aaron Rodgers was battered last year by the weak offensive line. The Packers will look to get young and athletic on the line and Brown will bring that. Rodgers will be thrilled and he will help the line. Anthony Davis is an option here too but the Pack go with Brown.

    24. Philadelphia Eagles: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers: The Eagles could select cornerback Kyle Wilson with this pick but with the talented Davis still on the board the Eagles get someone who can help protect new qb Kevin Kolb.

    25. Baltimore Ravens: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma: The Ravens are looking for more weapons for Joe Flacco. Demaryius Thomas is an option but with the aging Todd Heap Gresham is the best fit for them.

    26. Arizona Cardinals: Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana: The Cards were hoping that Brown or Davis would fall to them. With neither on the board they take the next best tackle and that is Saffold. He will help a line that needs to work on run blocking and establishing a run.

    27. Dallas Cowboys: Taylor Mays, S, USC: The Cowboys go for Mays who will help a weak secondary. They would love an offensive lineman here but will wait until the second round. Mays is a hard hitting safety who will help out against the run. Mays reminds many of old Cowboys safety Roy Williams. A hard hitter who helps in the run game but is not the best cover guy. Mays is out to prove people wrong.

    28. San Diego Chargers: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State: The Chargers let LT go and Darren Sproles is the only other running back on the team now so the Chargers need one. Matthews fits the type of rb that Norv Turner and the Chargers like. He is a good blocker who can also catch the ball. Matthews would be a perfect fit for this team.

    29. New York Jets, Devin McCourty, DB, Rutgers: People will wonder why the Jets are going with McCourty having Darrell Revis and Antonio Cromartie on the team. Beyond those two the Jets don't have much depth. Also when the Jets hired Rex Ryan Ozzie Newsome told Jets GM Mike Tannebaum he was sending Ryan up there with a sign that says I want cornerbacks. McCourty would add depth as well as help on special teams where he was a deamon for Rutgers.

    If Everson Griffin or Jared Odrick fall to the Jets they maybe the pick. If the Jets get McCourty they will look to address the defensive line/rush end in the 2nd round.

    30. Minnesota Vikings: Kyle Wilson, DB, Boise St.: The Vikings would love to trade up to get Jimmy Claussen but if they stay where they are the biggest need for them is in the secondary. Wilson is a quick player who covers receivers well. He will be a nice addition and help the Vikings aging secondary.

    31. Indianapolis Colts: Kareem Jackson, DB, Alabama: The Colts really need help along the offensive line but none are graded at the 31st pick. So they look to add speed and depth to their secondary with Jackson.

    I feel between picks 25-32 teams will look to make a deal to trade up to take Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy. If true then either one or two trades will take place here. The Colts is one of the options along with the Jets, Vikings, and Saints.

    32. New Orleans Saints: Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas: The Saints can go many places with this selection but I think they go for the best pass rusher left on the board. Kindle will help the Saints get to the qb and will be a nice addition to a very good defense.

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    I like McCourty not but over Wilson and Kindle

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    The more i think about it im more inclined to say that we are drafting a CB or S. I wont be surprised if they take a CB and a S when the draft is done.

    Rex Ryan really and honestly believes Jason Taylor will have a good season rushing the passer and for that reason they wont draft a DE.

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    don't see Earl Thomas on the board at #21. However, if he is the Jets need to move up to select him.

    I hope you have it wrong on McCourty. He is a mediocre CB, who is known for his special team skills. And you don't take a player in Round 1, based on special teams skills


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    I think i've voiced my opinion enough on Mccourty. he's definitely not the type of corner we will take with our 1st pick. doesn't play man that well, gets beat deep, needs to work on his press... all things we need our corners to be stout at.


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