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Thread: Food for the draft...

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    Food for the draft...

    We have one of these dumb threads each year. What is on the menu for draft day(s)? I'm going simply with ordering chinese food this year. Enough to have leftovers for the other draft days.

    Spring rolls
    Green onion cake
    Ginger beef
    Singapore noodles
    Chicken fried rice
    Pineapple or almond chicken

    I should get some beer as well though I had wanted to avoid alcohol for another month and a half until my birthday. Oh well so much for my fitness regime!

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    Man how can you leave hot wings & burgers off the list. That was a straight all Asian food list, LOL.

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    Hmm a beerfish...laying off the beer....

    Yep, seems about right...

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    I'm firing up the grill and cooking up some baby back ribs, burgers, and chicken legs and thighs. Probably make some pasta salade as well...

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    I'll be firing up the grill and making some chicken pesto quesidillas and sliders.

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    Pizza, wings, and beer for me.

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    Food is the key to the draft... it takes a hard core fan to watch endless hours of draft coverage... if you want people to watch it with you, your best bet is to bribe them with food and beer...

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    My problem with firing up the grill and having some beers and following the draft is that I tend not to pay enough attention to what is on the grill.

    I do have a nice rib eye steak so maybe on day two or three I'll do the steak and pasta bit.


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