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Thread: Sean Weatherspoon would be a safe pick as well...

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    Sean Weatherspoon would be a safe pick as well...

    You could play him inside or outside depending and he would be productive right away. Think about the flexibility he gives you in case Scott or Harris get hurt, not to mention he's an OLB, 3-4, 4-3... a little short but who cares? I thin he would thrive here.

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    He can't/wouldn't play outside in our D. He's not a 3-4 OLB.

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    Harris, Pace, Scott, Taylor, and Thomas will be in steady rotation with Westerman as a wild card -- there's no room for Weatherspoon right now.

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    I believe Ricky Sapp may be a better alternative. Although he is not being mentioned much


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    I like Sapp a lot for us. Really hope we get him in the 2nd.

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    I disagree on Witherspoon.

    He isn't made for a 3-4 at all. Too small for the middle, not a good enough sack artist for the outside. He's one of the picks that would leave me scratching my head.

    Plus he reportedly was an arrogant prick during combine interviews.

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    he'd be a very safe pick......for the NY Giants....

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    We don't run a 3-4... Geez!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slikmojet View Post
    We don't run a 3-4... Geez!!!
    Fine... but we run a hybrid that demands versatility above all else. Spoon can only play in a 4-3 set. Compare that yo a guy like Hughes who can be used as a 3-4 OLB, 4-3 DE, possibly 4-3 OLB (think Kiwi on the giants).

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    safe, but kinda useless

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    Hughes would be better but he'll likely be gone. Witherspoon can play any linebacker position well., just because he's a tad short doesn't mean he can't play outside when we go to the 3-4

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    Weatherspoon will be a perennial pro-bowler. He is my favorite LBer in the draft.

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    You don't draft a LB first round to sit on the bench... Maybe get a later round ILB for depth, but not a first rounder when you have Bart Scott and David Harris as your starters.

    OLB we have Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, Jason Taylor and hes not a fit as that hybrid role so I don't see where he would play.


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