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Thread: One thing I'm not looking forward to re coverage...

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    One thing I'm not looking forward to re coverage...

    is the networks adding in guys who don't seem to have followed or researched the draft (ie Deon Sanders to some extent Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin) suddenly coming in and throwing out opinions that are just retarded. Even though I disagree with some of the things the regular draft experts say at least it is evident that they do their homework and are not touting a guys because they play corner or receiver etc.

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    irvin always looks like he's high or about to get...and when dion comes on i see stupid people...

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    Marshall Faulk just called Jason Pierre-Paul "Pierre St.Paul" twice.

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    It is embarrasing...

    These guys haven't seen these players and just spout off. Even if they are wrong I'm fine, but they say things that don't fit the player AT ALL.

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    The next time Irvin starts spouting off about Dallas, as he does ad nauseum, I hope someone on the panel biffs him in the back of the head. I think Mayock is getting close...


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