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Thread: East Coast story!

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    East Coast story!

    Used to work with this guy on the East Coast that went to the stalls after lunch everyday and did not come out for an hour. We thought he was napping in there. But obviously could not confirm,

    So to find out what the deal was 4 of us took the stalls as soon as we knew he was on his way. We had a spotter who had the cubicle in his aisle to warn us of that. He had to go back but came back after few minutes. All the stalls were still occupied. Came back again and the stalls were still occupied. Well did not come back again for 10 minutes. Spotted him napping in his cubicle!!!!

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    Dunno how i started a new thread. This was a reply in "Whats up with taking a dump at work".

    Mods please dump this thread and merge the reply in that thread.


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    I like this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sackdance View Post
    I like this thread.

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    Best. thread. in at least a week or so...

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    Cannot believe this thread is still alive.

    Dump Please. No pun intended!


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