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Thread: NFLN messed up my draft last night...

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    NFLN messed up my draft last night...

    ruining every single pick by announcing who the player was before Goodell got to the podium... They thought it was cute, but I thought it sucked.

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    ESPN nearly did the same thing.

    I know it's great for the sob stories and all to have cameras in the dudes houses...but please don't show them on the phone before the pick is announced. Show that footage in full slightly delayed, after the pick.

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    I may be in the minority, but it doesn't bother me one bit. In a world of instant communication, this simply isn't a big deal.

    How is switching to a shot of a player on the phone celebrating with his family and friends any less climactic than listening to the commissioner announce a pick at the podium? If anything, it keeps things more interesting because the pick could be "announced" in real time at any point.

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    It ruined it for me also. It just takes the fun out of the mystery of the commissioners announcement.

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    It was funny on the few times where they didn't have insider information and totally f'd up. When the Iggles traded up, they were all saying "What a great trade up....clearly they are targeting a replacement for Brian Dawkins, in Earl Thomas" and when they went Graham they were all like....."and he's good too...."

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    What difference does it make if you find out who the pick is from the cameras?

    Do you really need to hear it from Goodell's stupid mouth first? Or do you prefer to read it in black and white on the chyron?

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    No I agree. Part of the fun of the NFL draft was waiting in anticipation over who was gonna be slected. Your guessing who it is and then they switch to the player talking on the phone, obviously its that one. Took all the anticipation out of the pick.

    Also, I thought they invited way too many people to the green room this year. I liked it when just a few, 5or 6, of the top picks were invited, and they waited to find out. This time it there were so many there that it took away from the glamour of actually being there.

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    it keeps things more interesting because the pick could be "announced" in real time at any point.

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    its too sweet when neither espn nor nfln can figure out who the pick is? (Alualu)

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    Maybe I'm alone, but I don't like waiting. I want to know ASAP, and I like the green room and in-house shots. I don't need suspense, I just want to know what's gonna happen ASAP.

    Plus, how cool is it to see the players reaction and see the genuine excitement on his face. That's my lasting memory of the Sanchez pick, for example.
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