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Thread: Just found HANDS DOWN the best FANTASY site ever

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    Talking Just found HANDS DOWN the best FANTASY site ever

    Whats up everyone, i know i rarely check-in anymore, but I just had to tell you guys about this new Fantasy website! I'm a hardcore fantasy gamer and i'm telling you now, this is the best site out there!

    they have the coolest fantasy games out there and its free to sign up! They have numerous prizes out there including $10,000 cash and its free to sign up! And as you keep playing you earn more points and you can use the points to get merchandise and even go on vacation! This site is unreal and really takes fantasy to a whole new level..

    they also have this new game out there-- where you "bet" on a single player to have a better night that an opposing hitter.. for instance, tonight they have Arizonas 3B Reynolds up against Phillies 1st basemen Ryan Howard.

    If you're a true Fantasy gamer sign up! Ive never seen a site like this before!

    DO IT!
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    ohhhhh... that kind of fantasy...

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    i dont get it? no good?

    i think the site is dope


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