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Thread: If you're a US soccer fan, how annoyed are you at this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Turk View Post
    Almost a third of our national team is players born and raised in Germany the Altıntop Bros., Nuri Sahin, Hakan Balta, Colin Kazim Richards (UK) these are ethnic Turks. There is also Marco Aurelio who's a naturulized Brazilian.

    On the other hand Mesut Ozil and Serdar Tasci are couple of Turks who have opted to play for Germany. Hell a third of the Swiss national team is Turkish Hakan Yakin, Gökhan Inler, Eren Derdiyok. There used to be Murat Yakin and Kubilay Turkyilmaz also for the swiss. There's a brazilian Eduardo playing for the Croats, there was also one playing for Japan.

    It's disappointing but happens everywhere to every country.

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    Yeah but we're talking about players that would be the best players on our team... not some guy that had no chance to compete with his national squad so he decides to go elsewhere.

    Look I understand the deal, Holden was born in Scotland and he's likely going to be playing an integral part on the team this summer. My point is the fact these were guys that were here in the system and for whatever reason they decided to play for different countries when they would have clearly been the class of US soccer and are making big waves internationally. It sucks when we're wondering if Bedoya or Buddle is going to play striker next to Jozy. Or the health of Gooch and who can possibly mark the class of strikers we'll be facing. It's not encouraging at all when Rossi and Subotic are elsewhere and they'd be the foundations of US soccer.

    The real issue I have is that Subotic isn't playing for US soccer because of a fallout with a U20 coach. That's just ineptitude right there. Rossi is a different story all together and Black Death's point about players playing for other countries fits exactly the mold for Rossi's decision to play for Italy. At the end of the day I wonder what it's going to take to keep the talent.


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