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Thread: World Cup Drinking Game

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    World Cup Drinking Game

    wanna kill your friends with alcohol poisoning this june?? then get them to play the world cup drinking game! found it on facebook thought it was pretty crazy lol

    *** DISCLAIMER: We encourage all to drink alcohol responsibly. No one should play this game. The founders of this fan page cannot accept ANY responsibility for those who do decide to play this game. Please see the following website: ***

    Drink every time the referee blows his whistle

    Have a shot for every goal scored by a striker

    Drink half a pint for every goal by a midfielder

    Finish your drink/drink a pint for any goal by a defender

    Have a shot for every yellow card; finish your drink if any player is sent off

    Whenever a free kick is given on the edge of the box, the last person to shout “Beckham” must finish their drink

    Before kickoff, select a side and drink throughout their national anthem

    Using the same team you have just picked, you must be drinking when ever their captain is in possession of the ball

    Alcohol must be consumed in any dead ball situation (throw-in, corners, goal kicks etc)

    Finish your drink if any goals come from a free kick

    During a penalty shootout, select a side and have a shot for every penalty kick missed

    Whenever the World Cup in South Africa is referred to as either “the first world cup in Africa”, or “a big step for African sport” you must finish your drink.

    If anyone famous is shown when the camera pans to the crowd, finish your drink

    During the second half, each player should only be referred to by their first name – punishment shot for failure to comply

    Every time the world “Golden Boot” is mentioned, the last person to shout “Pele” must finish their drink

    Everytime theres a handball, last person to shout 'MARADONNA!' necks a shot

    Have a shot every time Hondouras or New Zealand score!


    England specific:

    Every time Beckham is mentioned by the commentators, the last person to touch their Achilles heel must finish their drink

    Drink for every mention, or sighting, of a WaG.

    Every time John Terry and captaincy are said in the same sentence, finish your drink.

    Finish your drink every time there is a mention of a possible tie with either Germany, or Argentina

    Every time England’s poor penalty record is mentioned, have a shot of your choice

    If Capello is ever on the screen, you must drink continuously until he is off the screen again

    Every time you refer to an England player, you must use the suffix “England’s finest” e.g. “Peter Crouch, England’s Finest” – punishment shot for failure to comply

    Every time Rooney scores, the last person to shout, "Lionel who?" must drink

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyJet80 View Post

    Drink every time the referee blows his whistle
    Better hope Portugal never plays Italy.


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