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Thread: made me smile

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    made me smile

    according to recent polls 40% of americans want Tom Brady dead before osama bin laden?

    ok, so the recent poll was a question that i just asked but still, the responses reflected the numbers above. is life really so bleak that we would want to kill an innocent professional quarterback just for being successfull before a well know assasin responsible for thousands of innocent american deaths? thoughts?
    to the guy who had the fox news comment, LOL! to the next guy, i would never associate with anyone who would even think to kill tom brady before osama bin laden. one of my best friends was a marine in iraq.

    About 15 people hardly represents “the american people”. It should read “40% of those who answered”. Do you work for Fox News or something?

    Give your friend a big OOOORAH! for me. Was in the Marines and in Iraq last year. It isn’t all rollercoasters and logrides over there.

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    uhhhh... wut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestater View Post
    uhhhh... wut?
    I 2nd that emotion

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestater View Post
    uhhhh... wut?
    beat me to it


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