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Thread: Henry to the NY Red Bulls

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    Henry to the NY Red Bulls

    Really interested in this...granted he may not be the player he once was, but would it be wishful thinking to hope the guy is not just showing up for a paycheck?

    I think the guy still has something left, based on the limited time I've seen him lately. Certainly enough left to make an impact on an MLS team.

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    MLS has no finishers at all. Henry is one of the best finishers ever. He is literally going to tear the league up.

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    This might actually make me go to a Red Bulls game. This is a HUGE signing for NY. Should be fun to watch.

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    As a Red Bulls fan, I am extremely excited about this. He's going to be unstoppable here. Angel has lost a step or two, but him and Henry together will be filthy.

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    He loves NY and goes there almost every summer. I'm sure he'll also enjoy a relative anonymity he hasn't seen in ages.

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    very nice


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