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Thread: Andy Pettitte Joins Some Pretty Unique Company

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    Andy Pettitte Joins Some Pretty Unique Company

    Pettitte is now +100 W-L in his career....236-136.

    This is as well as I have seen him pitch in his entire career.

    This is a nice list* he joins:

    185 Christy Mathewson (373-188)
    170 Roger Clemens (354-184)
    165 Grover Alexander (373-208)
    164 Cy Young (439-275; also 72-41 before 1893)
    159 Lefty Grove (300-141)
    137 Randy Johnson (303-166)
    137 Walter Johnson (416-279)
    134 Eddie Plank (327-193)
    130 Whitey Ford (236-106)
    128 Greg Maddux (355-227)
    119 Pedro Martinez (219-100)
    118 Warren Spahn (363-245)
    117 Mike Mussina (270-153)
    116 Jim Palmer (268-152)
    113 Kid Nichols (269-156; also 92-52 before 1893)
    106 Tom Seaver (311-205)
    104 Bob Feller (266-162)
    103 Joe McGinnity (247-144)
    102 Tom Glavine (305-203)
    101 Juan Marichal (243-142)
    100 Andy Pettitte (236-136)

    * This is as complete a list as I could find..I am open to being corrected (just ask my wife).

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    I still lean towards no, when it comes to the Hall of Fame, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got in. Jon Heyman said he would be voting for him, the older writers love wins and world series rings.

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    I can't agree that he won't make it, I say he may get in if they win the world series and he wins the Cy Young award this year. It may take him playing another 15+ win season to make his way in though, it's a tough call, I would put him in there but my vote does not count.

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    He is close but not there, yet.

    He needs 2 more seasons.

    I predict the "steroid use disqualifies players from the hall of fame" cabal will be put to the test on the Petite votes.


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    Pettite needs to win at minimum 270 games in order to get into Cooperstown. I think he comes back next year and Cashman signs him to another 1 year deal rather than committing a big long-term deal to Cliff Lee. Pettite clearly still has some miles left in his arm. Does he stick around one more season after that? Good question and nobody will know the answer until next year.


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