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Thread: "I'm Having Darrelle Revis Contractions"

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    "I'm Having Darrelle Revis Contractions"

    Let me say to begin with that I am among those who do not believe Darrelle Revis is worth $16 million a year. If the NY Jets cave in to Darrelle Revis and his agents of the dark side, it will be a crime. No one player, outside of a franchise QB, is worth that much, not even the DPOY.

    If Darrelle Revis was released today no team would sign him for Asomugha money, not even the Oakland Raiders. Asomugha money was an Al Davis anomaly. It will never happen again. Just consider that the drop off from Asomugha to the next top paid CB is over $6 million a year. The 2nd highest paid CB is Asante Samuel at an average salary of $9.5 million per year. That is a completely insane leap of salary at an already over-paid position.

    What really ticks me off though is Darrelle Revis' arrogance at not being handed Asomugha money. Every offer the Jets make he calls an insult even though he's asking them to make an unprecedented contract. He even has the shamelessness to say that his fighting for Asomugha money is 'fighting for his family'. Does that mean Revis will have problems feeding his family with Asante Samuel money?

    Darrelle Revis just needs to shut up. Where does he come off saying the Jets don't take care of their homegrown talent? Jason at has an excellent article on this recently bandied misconception.

    Name one player that was not extended a contract who deserved one? Players like Bryan Thomas, Jerricho Cotchery, Kerry Rhodes, Brandon Moore, Sione Pouha, and Mike DeVito all were signed to new contracts. Don't they count?

    On the other hand, players like John Abraham, DeWayne Robertson and Jonathan Vilma didn't fit the team anymore. Other players just weren't worth re-signing.

    Even players like Chris Baker and Leon Washington who started this whole notion the Jets don't pay their homegrown talent didn't deserve to be re-signed. Baker's production was nothing to get excited about and was even released by the Patriots after only one year. Washington asked for a bigger contract then he was worth and with the leg injury he suffered his playing status was highly questionable.

    The worst thing for Darrelle Revis to do is position himself against the organization for which he's playing. He's already created an awkward situation. If he doesn't get Asomugha money then the Jets have insulted him. How will he play for a team that's disrespected him? If he does get Asomugha money Mike Tannenbaum will look more foolish then Al Davis, not to mention the obvious difficulties he will have signing other important players.

    Darrelle "Mevis" needs to let it sink in that these are long and hard "labor negotiations" that are better negotiated behind closed doors. Of course, a player has the right to negotiate the best contract he can, but when he publicly conveys a "me first" mentality it's only setting a bad example to the other players.
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    Merge to Revis Megathread.

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    Yes, he should shut up.

    The media isn't on his side for the most part. Of course, as someone claimed earlier, the moron Francesa says the Jets should pay him $20 million a year.


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