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Thread: Goodell: NFL no longer needs 4 preseason games

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    Quote Originally Posted by LV2 View Post
    Yes, that would be great. How much hype can you take after awhile!!
    One argument for keeping the two weeks between championship games and the SB... What if the Jets had beaten Indi?

    I know I would have needed some time to get off work, find a ticket somewhere (possibly remortgage my house to afford some tickets), plan a trip of at least a few days (hopefully at least 5 days in a cool city), and recover from the after-party of winning the afc championship.

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    i think most teams know who their starters will be after the second preseason game but at the same time we still see teams unprepared for the regular season until about game 3 or 4 so what ever they cut back they need will need to add in training camp time.

    the thing here is that they want to add two more games. this may be nice but who gets the revenue? is the cap (when it finally comes back) going to be increased about 12% because of this? are the rosters going to be set at 53 for the first regular season game or will there be some slop in the numbers?

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    2 and 18 might be ok.
    A thought. Colleges play zero preseason games. Even teams at the highest level.
    I think going to 18 might require a change in the roster rules. Bring all 53 to the game, for instance. 2 extra games of high intensity will put an increased burden on starters.

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    Obviously, but they also shouldn't have more than 16 regular season games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    I agree with Venom. You can have a potential pro bowler on your roster but if he's buried behind other players how would you know if he doesn't get the reps.
    Unless somebody figures out a way to cheat (*cough* *cough* *patriots*), all of the teams will be in the same boat.

    If they go to 2-18 it will be interesting to see where they allocate those extra games. Within the conference, outside, or one of each?


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