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Thread: My Personal Throwback Jets 4th Quarters Series

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    My Personal Throwback Jets 4th Quarters Series

    So I am going to be posting some throwback New York Jets 4th Quarters (and OT if needed) from prior seasons that I have in my collection on torrent. I was wondering which one do you think that I should post first?

    NYJ@Buff 9/8/02-Morton OT Kick Return
    Miami@NYJ 11/10/02-Mickens huge 4th down sack
    Cinci@NYJ 9/12/04-E Coleman seals the win with a pick
    Mia@NYJ 11/1/04-Jets 41-Phins 14
    Buff@NYJ 12/30/01-Jets cant get last play off and lose 14-9
    NYJ@Oak 1/6/02-Jets beat Oakland on Hall 54 yd FG
    NE@NYJ-12/22/02-Jets with a much needed win at New England to stay alive
    NYJ@Oakland-11/9/03-Jets beat Oakland in OT
    Tenn@NYJ-Jets pull of the upset on Monday night.

    I also have some other games from the 04, and 03 seasons.

    Let me know! I will put one up today!

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    great midwest -well not so great
    either of the Oakland games are excellent

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    megaupload link:


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    The second Buffalo game on your list was a classic SOJ letdown game...don't post that one.

    Thankfully they followed that up with an un-SOJ-like victory in the OAK game with the Hall FG. Still can't believe he hit that.

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    part 2 of the series:

    November 2002-Jets 13-Phins 10. It came down to the wire. A great finish by the Jets!



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