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Thread: Steve Weatherford Questionnaire- Jenny Vrentas

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    Steve Weatherford Questionnaire- Jenny Vrentas

    Jets summer questionnaire series: Punter Steve Weatherford
    Published: Thursday, June 24, 2010, 10:00 AM
    Jenny Vrentas/The Star-Ledger

    Steve Weatherford will spend part of his summer training with several other specialists in San Diego, including new teammate Nick Folk.

    For today's questionnaire, we're switching over to special teams. Punter Steve Weatherford talks about which new member of the Jets he's training with this summer and which new addition he thinks will have a breakout season.

    What are your plans for the break?

    Iím going to stick around here for about 10 days and take the kids to do fun stuff in New York, then Iím going to San Diego. Iím going to train there for about three weeks, and then I have my charity football camp in Indiana, my hometown. Then Iím coming back.

    Why San Diego?

    Thereís just a lot of guys from around the league that I train with, and itís kind of a central location for the majority of them. Nick Folk will be out there, Mat McBriar from the Cowboys; (former NFL kicker) John Carney is the one who kind of sets all that up. Just six or seven specialists around the league, and we all get together and kick and train.

    What are your individual goals for this season?

    Itís always a personal goal to win a Super Bowl. But aside from that, I just want to improve consistency, because weíre the type of team that field position is huge. Weíre not going to put up 45 points in a game, so field position is very important for us. I just want to be just a reliable punter, pretty much the way I've been for the last five years. I donít really want to do anything different, just flip the field for the team when they need me to. Right now Iím happy with where I'm at, for this time of year, but obviously you just want to progressively get ready to go. Midway through training camp, you should be firing on all cylinders. But I feel good right now. I feel healthy, I feel strong, everything is where I need it to be right now.

    Who do you think will be the breakout player on the Jets this year?

    I think LaDainian Tomlinson is going to surprise a lot of people. He hasnít put up monster numbers in the last couple years, but thatís kind of due to the fact that he wasnít really getting the ball a lot in San Diego. And I think our line is probably the best in the league. So, those two things -- because heís going to get the ball plenty. Weíre going to run the ball; everybody knows that. But I think with Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, DíBrickashaw and those guys pushing people around in the front, I think the holes that heís going to be able to run through are going to feel pretty good for him. I'm pretty sure heís not going to get holes like that on any other team, so heís got to be excited about that.

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    Steve's a solid dude, gotta wish him the best of luck to improve and hold down the punting spot on this team.

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    [QUOTE=Kentucky Jet;3633116]I just want to be just a reliable punter, pretty much the way I've been for the last five years. [/QUOTE]

    :eek: That starts with playing in every game, [I]especially the playoffs[/I]

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    [QUOTE=Johnny Rico;3634125]:eek: That starts with playing in every game, [I]especially the playoffs[/I][/QUOTE]

    Yeah, happy to hear about his offseason work and dedication but would expect to see more impact on the field this season


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